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Please, get vaccinated

| August 14, 2021 12:00 AM

Covid-19 infections in the Flathead have rapidly increased over the past month, and we’ve seen a steady increase in hospitalized Covid patients. Vaccination rates in our county remain dangerously low and fewer than 40% of us are vaccinated. As the number of Covid patients increase, our resources are stretched. In particular we see needless and preventable illness and death occurring in unvaccinated patients.

We, the doctors and advanced practice clinicians of Logan Health, urge you to get vaccinated against this deadly virus. The science is clear; COVID vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccination prevents hospitalization and death. The vaccine is free and widely available. We strongly urge all Flathead residents to get vaccinated as soon as possible. We want to see you on the trails, at community events and in our schools, rather than in our hospital.

Let’s end this pandemic together.

Scott Alexander MD

George Allen DO

Aaron Alme MD

Caleb Ambrose PA-C

John Andenoro MD

Elise Anderes MD

Jonathan Anderson MD

Brenda Anderson PA-C

Anne Armstrong PA-C

Kyle Austin PA-C

Sadie Baldwin APRN, FNP

Jason Barrett RPA

Shawn Barrong MD

Roger Barth MD

Jeremy Bedtelyon MD

William Benedetto MD

Joseph Bergman MD

Kelly Berkram MD

Paul Berkram MD

Richard Betters MD

Nathan Bingham MD,PhD

Robert Blair MD

Gabor Bodonyi-Kovacs MD

Brian Bost MD

Eric Brandeberry MD

Tomi Briggeman CST/CSFA

Isaac Bromberg MD

Jonathan Brunson MD

Jessie Cady-Kauffman NNP-BC

Robert Cale MD

Clay Campbell MD

Erica Case NP-C

Paul Coats NP

William Cobell MD

Brittany Coburn NP-C

Julie Cook FNP

Mona Cuthbert MD

Jose’ de Souza MD

Thomas deHoop MD

Rachel Desimone NP

Ivory Drendel MD

Joan Driscoll NP

Chelsea Dunshee DNP, FNP-BC

Bennett Dykstra MD

Lynn Dykstra MD

Kerry Eby MD

Kristy Ehrmantraut PA-C

Anders Engdahl MD

Mary Ann Evans MD

M. Irene Feria MD

Sue Fessler MD

Lisa Fleischer MD

T. Raymond Foley MD

Kenneth Fraticelli MD

Richard Friedman MD

Justine Gavagan MD

Ramon Generoso MD

Kenneth Graham MD

David Habel MD

Nathaniel Hall MD

Daniel Hanba MD

Hilary Hanba MD

Michelle Hellwig FNP

Michael Henson MD

J. Heyboer MD

Deborah Hoffman MD

Christopher Holdhusen MD

Katherine Holley DO

Tobin Hoppes MD

Tyler Hoppes MD

Marisa Hoyne MD

Jenna Huff MD

Karen Hunt MD

Stella Hutchins MD

Philip Jaffe MD

Christianne Jaffe APRN-BC

Kamran Javadi PA-C

Martha Jessop APRN

Gwenda Jonas MD

Katherine Kasavana MD

Kevin Keeton MD

Elizabeth King NP

Ellen Kirschbaum FNP

Kira Kitchens FNP-C

Daniel Korb MD

Kevin Kropp DO

Erin Lauer MD

John Lavin MD

Amber Lavin CNM

Deborah Lessmeier MD

Sydney Lillard MD

Justin Linam MD

Tony Lloyd MD

Robert Love MD

Daniel Lustig MD

Herman Lyle MD

Ashleigh Magill MD

Juan Martinez-Poyer MD

Mitchell Marzo MD

Patrick McDonnell MD

Daniel Meigs MD

Laura Mirch MD

Summer Monforte MD

Dawn Murray NP

Michelle Nail-Noftsinger FNP-C

Shelley Naomi PA-C

Douglas Nelson MD

Gina Nelson MD

Jose Ness MD

Jocelyn Oblizajek CNP

Tyler Ofstad MD, PhD

Kathleen Olson WHNP

Denny Orme DO

Andrew Palmer MD

Melinda Payne MD

Erik Peltz DO

Brianne Peltz PA-C

Karen Perser MD

Laura Pierson FNP-C

Aaron Pitman PA-C

Melanie Pittard DO

Kim Ploot DPM

Andrew Purcell FNP-BC


Kelly Redfield MD

Brian Rick PA-C

Anna Robbins MD

Cory Robertson MD

Sarah Robinson MD

Rawa Sarji DO

Nicholas Satovick MD

Alison Schneider MD

Katherine Schneidmiller PA-C

Adam Schow MD

D. Schumacher MD

Justin Shobe PA-C

Heidi Shors MD

Andrew Shors MD

Todd Shumard MD

William Simpson MD

Austine Siomos MD

Vassilis Siomos MD

Tessa Skotnicki PA-C

Chelsey Spence DO

Michelle Spring MD

Mandrea Stebbins DMD

August ‘Gus’ Stein MD

Kim Stimpson MD

Valerie Stine MD

Amy Tangedahl PA-C

Heather Thomas-Clark NP

Julia Tikka NP-C

Carl Tinlin DO

John Tollerson DO

Edgar Trevino MD

Bernadette Van Belois MD

Philip Vercio MD

Mark Weber MD

Zachary Weber MD

Neal Wilkinson MD

R. Winkel MD

Dan Zlogar MD

Aimee Zupicich AGNP

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