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Law roundup: Rude driver packing heat gets mouthy

by Daily Inter Lake
| August 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a report of a man in his mid-60s who allegedly pulled out in front of a vehicle and when the driver honked, flashed a pistol at them, “got mouthy” and flipped them off.

Officers counseled a man on his behavior when someone reported him screaming in a parking lot and grabbing a stick, with which he smacked a building.

A very tan 21-year-old man staying at a woman’s apartment allegedly punched a hole in her bathroom door because he “felt he was being disrespected.”

A man reportedly stole three bears and assaulted an employee, which resulted in three employees chasing him. Officers arrested him.

Washer fluid was allegedly thrown from a vehicle at a pedestrian. Both parties were counseled.

A skinny man wearing a camo or dark brown hat reportedly ripped locked merchandise off a rack and then lifted up his shirt, revealing a handgun in his waistband. The man did not take any merchandise, however, and left with a woman who had an owl tattoo on her arm.

A woman reportedly hit a child standing in a cart and he fell down.

A woman was allegedly “acting a little strange” when she was seen walking around a location holding flowers and asking people if she could use their phone, yet had her own. She told another woman, who called the police out of concern for her, that her daughter was in the hospital.

A woman wearing a long black dress stole a beer and drank it in the bathroom.

A green and black Kawasaki Ninja was reported stolen.

Dispatchers called a phone number involved in a 911 hangup where reports were made of a woman crying and screaming and a belligerent man who wouldn’t let anyone check their hotel room. The couple told officers they just got back from a wedding and were intoxicated and it was just a verbal argument. They were counseled by officers to keep it down.

A customer reportedly saw kids steal beer, jump into a truck and a red car, and heard them yell to meet at a high school.

Two intoxicated brothers, who were heard yelling and arguing, said they would go to bed when officers spoke with them.

A passerby reported a business sign vandalized with offensive language.

A man’s trailer was allegedly spray painted.

A later call came in about a business being “tagged” with graffiti. Not far from the business, a shelter was also vandalized with graffiti.

Someone on Nucleus Avenue called the Columbia Falls Police Department to report a skinny man wearing two different shoes mentioned a homicide, “not so much committing it, but in a roundabout way.”

A man reportedly met a woman online, helped her move from Florida to Montana and now wanted her to leave. When she threatened to charge him more than $8,000 if he made her leave, he called the police, wanting to know what his options were.

A flag was stolen off a man’s truck in a parking lot and someone allegedly spit on the vehicle. The flag was found in a dumpster behind a bar.

Dogs reportedly got into a garden on Veteran Drive and attacked goats, leaving several bloodied and “not looking well.”