Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Vehicle windows smashed, spray painted

by Daily Inter Lake
| August 30, 2021 12:00 AM

Windows were reportedly found smashed out of a dump truck that had also been spray painted in Somers. Neighboring cars were also damaged.

Someone asked the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to do a welfare check on a man sleeping under a tree on Montana 35 in Kalispell after he allegedly ranted and raved about a coat.

A man reportedly drew a gun and pointed it at a man telling him to leave him alone after the man started yelling and swearing at him. When he allegedly holstered the weapon, the man hit him in the face so he put him in a choke hold until a neighbor said to release him.

A highly intoxicated woman called deputies from Lakeside claiming her boyfriend pushed her face into rebar, causing it to break and bleed. The man, who was sober, told deputies she exited a camper and fell face-first into a railing.

A Columbia Falls man alleged his wife, who had been drinking, attempted to bite his nose off and take his son

A Bigfork woman reportedly forgot to put her handicap placard up after parking and was confronted by a woman who yelled at her. When she went into a salon more women bawled her out.

A man, who reportedly let a woman use his phone to call 911, received a call from dispatchers and a visit from officers when the call was abandoned. He claimed that it was nine minutes ago, he had not just called 911 and hung up. By the time dispatchers called him back, Kalispell Police Department officers were on site, he swore at dispatchers and hung up again, refusing to give any information.

A shirtless transient and his pal were allegedly harassing customers, according to an employee who called police. During the call, a man was heard yelling at her “to come and do something about it.” She said they were keeping their distance from the building and she had a Taser in case they came to close. The unruly man was allegedly flagged in law enforcement records for carrying knives.

A man ultimately disregarded a woman’s request to leave her father’s property when he returned and started rummaging through items left outside a shop.

A woman, who left a black and pink duffel bag containing keys and miscellaneous items in a trashcan in the library bathroom was retrieved by a custodian and placed in safekeeping by officers.

An employee reported a woman allegedly known to steal shopping carts from a grocery store and told not to return, was spotted at a register. The employee called back to cancel the request because she paid for her items and left.

A woman wearing flannel pants was looking for the wrong place to sleep when she was found trespassing at a hotel and was allegedly checking locked doors and attempting to make a bed in a storage closet.

When a motel manager allegedly asked a teen, who was with about five other people on bikes, to leave, the boy said they were part of a drug task force and could do whatever they wanted.

Two women were wandering, or more like tripping, around a ditch looking for a phone.