Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Trashing continues at local church

by Daily Inter Lake
| August 31, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone reportedly went to a church, which had been egged last week, to find garbage all over the place and told the Kalispell Police Department they picked it up.

A man who allegedly was “super upset” about being put on hold told dispatchers, “Nevermind, I’ll just be bitter about it.” Eventually, it came out that he was calling about a woman driving a gold vehicle and possible drug activity, but he was unable to answer many questions, saying he would call back when “clearance” was better.

A woman reportedly punched her boyfriend and ripped his clothes in an attempt to get him to fight her. Parties were separated; however, he said she was outside walking toward him and he had nowhere to go. Someone was taken to jail.

A store employee asked police to move along a person sleeping outside the building on pallets.

Someone heard a loud bang, then saw a person get out of a vehicle and start running on Conrad Drive, where a vehicle was found in the ditch and a speed limit sign knocked down.

A man wanted to press assault charges after people got angry at him and shoved him out of an office building where he lived as well as worked.

Peace and quiet was achieved after a vehicle occupied by a woman left a location.

Extra patrol was requested in an area where someone noticed loose gas caps.

Someone asked an officer to retrieve a hypodermic needle they found in their backyard.

A motorcycle sped up and down a road twice, reportedly coming close to a family on a walk.

A vehicle was broken into but there was no visible damage. Change, fishing equipment and a parking pass were reported missing; otherwise nothing of value was taken.

Someone believed their black iPhone slid out of their truck.

A 14- or 15-year-old reportedly riding a dirt bike that was “not licensed” was an ongoing problem for someone who complained he wanted it to stop and that officers already talked to the youth.

A bruised 13-year-old found sleeping behind a bush was transported to the hospital.

A general manager wanted to know what was going on in a room that hadn’t been paid for and asked officers to check on a young girl who was staying there with other people because of the many random men coming and going from it.

A motorcycle with white and blue stripes was passing vehicles in oncoming traffic lanes on Main Street.

A man was purportedly “flipping out,” according to an employee who claimed he was screaming and chasing a woman around a parking lot and threatening to “kick her (expletive).” The employee said the man involved in the incident was their boss, that he pushed other staff members and was “mean to everyone.”

A man went to the police department lobby to drop off a printer found in the bed of his mother’s pickup.

A woman called officers to report her daughter, who was picked up by police earlier, jumped out of her vehicle in a drive-thru and ran off.

A man requested officers stand by while he got his vehicle after allegedly a man threatened to slash his tires and put things inside the gas tank.