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Law roundup: Deputies clean up laundry situation

by Daily Inter Lake
| December 1, 2021 12:00 AM

Although tenants had been evicted from a Kalispell house for a few weeks, someone’s dirty secret was aired after indications the washer and dryer were recently used was discovered. Flathead County Sheriff’s Office cleared and secured the house.

A Bigfork resident complained that a man reportedly out shooting didn’t seem to think covenants prohibiting this applied to him and the caller wanted deputies to speak to him about respecting neighborhood agreements. Deputies advised her covenant issues would need to be addressed by the homeowners association as it is not illegal to shoot in the county.

Someone in Bigfork complained their brother was playing the radio in his car too loudly and they could hear it in the house.

A cow was on the loose in Kalispell.

A man and woman in Columbia Falls were allegedly yelling, screaming, slamming doors and throwing stuff out a door.

Someone calling from out of state reportedly had questions about a conversation they had on a plane.

A Kalispell manager told deputies that company money was lost when an online scammer allegedly got an employee to take money to a coin machine to buy gift cards.

A vehicle with no headlights made someone concerned it would cause a wreck in Kalispell.

A vehicle containing occupants dressed in “hunter orange” allegedly drove by a house trying to shoot deer on a Kila property.

A semi-truck ran a red light and was swerving all over a Kalispell road.

Someone reportedly went onto a Bigfork woman’s property and was taking pictures and yelling about parking issues.

A Whitefish resident got home to find his house had been robbed.

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