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Law roundup: Too early for Christmas decor?

| December 2, 2021 12:00 PM

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department after seeing lights flashing in different directions like strobe lights at a neighbor’s house. The caller was suspicious when the flashing continued for about 30 minutes. The bright flashes appeared to be coming from Christmas lights, according to officers.

Someone’s ex said her cousin was in a gang and reportedly was coming for them and their mom.

An extremely intoxicated man with cuts and scrapes all over his face went to a casino and decided to lie on the floor.

What hotel guests thought was a verbal or physical disturbance going on turned out to be dialogue from a loud movie.

A maintenance man reportedly told someone that they drove by a residence and saw a group of young people who didn’t belong. Turns out, the family rented the place through Airbnb.

After four days of listening to an upstairs neighbor’s blaring TV, someone called the police to complain, saying she refused to turn it down when asked.

“Some skinny guy” wearing a plaid shirt was reportedly found trespassing at a location.

A woman climbed over a fence and got into a vehicle that had a taillight out. A resident claimed the woman tried to get into their yard but couldn’t. The resident thought it sounded like there were also two men in the vehicle that looked like a Ford Taurus.

A man got a ride from a stranger and thought he left his gun in their car.

A man thought it was his roommate’s ex-wife pounding on the front door and was concerned she would try to assault people if she came inside. He said if anyone came into the house they would get shot.

A man called officers about reportedly running over an unleashed dog when it ran from the sidewalk under his car when he started driving after coming to a complete stop. He was fearful the dog’s owner would find his vehicle and confront him.

A man’s truck battery died, stranding the vehicle in the middle of a Whitefish road. The man tried to use his phone to flag people about the traffic hazard.

A Kalispell man called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office twice to complain about a neighbor playing loud music, yelling and slamming doors.

Someone reportedly threw rocks at a woman’s house in Columbia Falls, shattering the back window of her vehicle.

A Kalispell woman claimed her daughter’s ex drove by and slashed her tires.

A group of eight or nine belligerent people were trying to start fights and refused to leave a Whitefish location.

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