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Law roundup: Drone not interested in paranoid man

| December 3, 2021 12:00 AM

A man was upset about a drone flying near his house. He suspected the drone operator was looking in his windows. It turned out to be a Realtor taking photos of a house for a listing, according to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

A neighbor complained about a dog that had been barking “for about two years.”

A trailer spun off a road, then mysteriously disappeared. According to law enforcement, it was not towed.

A man got home from out of town and found damage on his side door. He said, “it clearly looks like someone tried to get into a side door.”

A neighbor was reported for “being really loud.” The neighbor was apparently “pounding on walls” and “cussing loudly.”

Someone was caught “dropping a mattress and other garbage” on public lands.

An intoxicated landlord was blocking a driveway.

A lethargic driver was reported for driving “a lot slower than the speed limit.”

An envelope with cash in it was taken from an unlocked safe.

Smoke and sparks were reportedly coming out of a vehicle, but then the smoke stopped and the observer said they didn’t see any more sparks.

Two bags of trash in traffic lanes almost caused an accident.

Someone was concerned about a van parked under power lines in Kalispell.

A vehicle was reported for staying in a Bigfork parking lot since July.

A man said he got out of his vehicle to talk to someone a block away, and while he was talking one of his passengers drove away with his vehicle.

A man was jumping out of cars in Kalispell. A caller was concerned he would get hurt.

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