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Law roundup: Cat litter thrown to the dogs

by Daily Inter Lake
| December 30, 2021 12:00 AM

A Kalispell resident called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to complain about people in the neighborhood throwing solid cat litter in the road, which was being eaten by dogs in the area.

A Martin City man reportedly tired of a drunk woman’s company called to say she had been invited to stay one night, which turned into three weeks.

A Whitefish woman was probably taken aback by a man’s response to her telling him he was on private property when he came down her driveway and he screamed at her about property rights and “not being from Montana.”

A Columbia Falls father claimed his daughter stole his car.

A woman called deputies about a horse in Kalispell and wanted to know if there were rules against leaving the animal outside without shelter in inclement weather.

Three dogs chased a car in Kalispell until they discovered a deer carcass and began feasting.

A Columbia Falls man came home to find broken cabinets and items in piles.

Several people in Polebridge were angry at a driver after he didn’t stop for them while they were cutting down a huge tree. The driver called deputies, wanting the information logged.

Meanwhile, in Kalispell, someone “dropped a tree” and decided to cut firewood in the road.

A man believed his debit card had been cloned after a charge appeared from a Kalispell location even though he had the card in his possession.

A woman’s ex-boyfriend kept calling and harassing a man despite his phone number being blocked.

A vehicle was swerving into oncoming traffic and driving at varying speeds in Kalispell.

A deputy stopped in Hungry Horse to make contact with a man who was either trying to flag them down or just yell at them.

A white truck allegedly pulled up to a location and stole someone’s dog.

A man threw glass bottles at someone driving by a house, and the motorist then called deputies and told them it seemed the man was tearing apart the abode.

A man walking in the middle of a Kalispell road was advised to stay on the sidewalk.

A vehicle was drifting into oncoming traffic in Kalispell. A man calling to report the incident, then grew upset when he didn’t see law enforcement and threatened to beat up the driver.

A vehicle was seen doing doughnuts and running through stop signs in Kalispell.

Someone reportedly came in through the back door of a woman’s house as she went out the front door and proceeded to “blacken the images” on her security system.

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