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Law roundup: Woman’s driving leads her to hospital, then jail

| December 31, 2021 12:00 AM

A sleepy and possibly intoxicated driver going about 5 mph rolled through a stop sign and was swerving with the vehicle’s hazard lights flashing as she headed west on Three Mile Drive to the bypass. Someone called the Kalispell Police Department, and said she told police she someone jumped her car so she had to drive slowly on her way home. She was taken to the hospital and then to jail.

A man went into the lobby of the police department to warm up and said he didn’t need to talk to anyone because “no one has cared to hear his life’s story,” and that his son would be coming to get him. He changed his mind, however, and wanted to talk to an officer, or anyone else available.

A woman called 911 because she had no heat. She was referred to a repair service, but she couldn’t get in touch with anyone so dispatchers attempted to contact a relative for her. She assured dispatchers she would be OK for the night.

A transient was sitting inside a business, by the front doors, and saying inappropriate things to staff while playing with a pocket knife. He was moved along.

Someone was upset that a corgi, which was barking and whining, had allegedly been left outside for hours while they could see the owners watching TV inside their home.

Officers received a call from a man also concerned about a dog’s welfare because of the weather when he reportedly heard barking outside but was unsure where the dog was located.

A woman purportedly heard shots being fired for the past hour and the sound was getting closer to a complex. She called again because she could still hear the shots even after law enforcement came out to check the area.

Music was heard playing day and night for two weeks in an apartment below someone who didn’t know if anyone was living there or not.

Someone claimed to have video footage of a blonde woman snooping around their vehicle. The woman matching the description said she was just walking home. It was determined no crime had been committed.

A man in a red hat and tan jacket was throwing garbage cans around a building.

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