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Letters to the editor July 8

| July 8, 2021 12:00 AM

Helpful handyman

I would like to send a huge thank you to the gentleman who helped my granddaughter in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. She had accidentally locked her keys in the car. This kind man worked and worked to help her open her door, even going into Harbor Freight and buying a part so he could successfully open her door. He obviously expected no reward, and would not even accept payment for the part he bought. It really restores my faith in humanity. Thank you so much, kind sir.

—Sally Gray, Swan Lake

Ban the bags

That’s great that Whitefish will be picking up recycling. However, they should consider a really big improvement: Outlaw plastic bags.

Inexpensive recyclable bags are on sale in all the grocery stores and they last for years. Our oceans are full of plastic and are killing fish, whales, etc. every day.

Gov. Gianforte you have the power to make our whole state free of plastic bags. Also, you could encourage other governors to do the same. No other single think would make such a huge difference.

— Myrna Teskey, Columbia Falls

Support our nurses

I thought the letter from Frederick Zavodny (Time for hospital and union to bargain in good faith) was well said and made good sense.

I hope the nurses can get fair wages and good staffing.

— Judy Bell, Columbia Falls

Bang up performance

To paraphrase Wikipedia, “Rag Doll” (1964) is regarded as the greatest achievement of the legendary rock-and-roll band “The Four Seasons.” Band pianist and songwriter Bob Gaudio was on his way to a recording session and his car was stopped at a long traffic light in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen. Often kids would wash the car windows during the long waits and ask for some change. In Gaudio’s case, a scruffy little girl washed his window. When Gaudio went to give her change, all he had was a $20 bill. After a moment’s hesitation, he gave her the bill — now worth $174 — because he had to give her something. The astonished look on her face stayed with him and inspired the subsequent song.

And you can now hear this coming at you live at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse’s bang up performance of “Jersey Boys!” This one will sell out soon.

—Andy Palchak, Kalispell

Professional care

A few months ago I was a patient at Logan Health. I was so impressed with their care and concern. Everyone that came into my room, whether it be an RN, kitchen personel or housekeeping, were all kind and caring and professional. They never rushed in their care.

I have been a patient at many hospitals, but this group of individuals were the best. Special thanks to Julia and Tina, and they know why. A great group to be proud of their professionalism.

—Kathy Mentele, Kalispell

Dems in control

A Capitol surrounded by a fence topped with razor wire, with thousands of armed troops for protection (housed in parking garages).

Control of mainstream media and social media sites by ruling party, with censorship of any dissent or claim of election fraud.

Soviet-style purge of all military to eliminate any opposition to the ruling party

Disarm all civilians (Hitler bragged about this accomplishment)

Create voting rules and methods that will assure the ruling party wins all elections (Joseph Stalin said “it’s not who votes that counts, it who counts the vote”), as codified in HR1, the “For the People Act”

“Cancel Culture” to discredit and destroy anyone who disagrees with the ruling party.

Indoctrinating children with a false national history of oppression and racism.

Is this North Korea? Communist China? Cuba? Venezuela?

Nope! This is our own USA under control of Democrats, who want to create a socialist dictatorship. Amazingly, our own Sen. Jon Tester supports all this. Is this what the phony claim of “unity” looks like? We deserve to keep the real America.

—Philip Barney, Polson

Boom goes the dynamite

End military-grade fireworks in the Flathead.

Military-grade fireworks are not a celebration of our nation’s birth. They are set off by small minded people in an attempt to compete for the loudest noise. These people are inconsiderate of their neighbors and the animals that live there.

The solution is simple: ban the sale and use of these military-grade fireworks in the Flathead.

—Cynthia Winters, Whitefish

Declining population health

Should children be vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect adults from infection? After all, we’re told, the benefits outweigh the risks. Benefits for whom? The adults, of course. Note that for any child injured or killed due to vaccine side effects, the benefit does not outweigh the risk. Does it make sense to sacrifice young lives to protect older ones. Perhaps there’s a better way.

What’s disturbingly lacking in the COVID conversation is discussion about how to make people more resistant to viral infections and complications. Google “Role of Unsaturated Fats in Severe COVID-19.” You’ll learn that the excessive omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid content of our modernized, industrialized food supply has made a large portion of humanity metabolically unhealthy and vulnerable to complications associated with viral infections of all sorts. Why is there so much omega-6 fat in the food supply? It’s because of this: “Worldwide guidelines have promoted the replacement of saturated fatty acids (SFA) with polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).”

And a major source of polyunsaturated fatty acids is grain-fed chicken. Google “Why chicken is killing you”.

Poultry supplies about 36% of the world’s total meat intake. In adjacent countries such as Iran and Iraq or Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the correlation between chicken consumption and COVID deaths is striking. For example, per capita chicken consumption in Haiti was 9.44 KG in 2018; Dominican Republic, 27.2. Last I checked, COVID-19 mortality per million population was 24 deaths in Haiti and 329 deaths in the Dominican Republic.

It has been widely publicized that obesity increases risk for COVID-19 infections and complications. Thus far, no country on Earth has managed to reverse the obesity pandemic. The reason for the failure can be expressed in simple equation form: Faulty dietary advice and a defective food supply equals declining population health.

—David Brown, Kalispell

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