Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Man leads officers in high-speed chase

| July 13, 2021 12:00 AM

A man driving a black Jeep Grand Cherokee led Kalispell Police Department and Montana Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase around the valley at 12:35 a.m. Sunday. Officers reportedly deployed spike strips twice during the chase and the pursuit resulted in a patrol car being rammed. Around 2:52 a.m., the man, whose record showed he had a history of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended/revoked license and was on parole out of Missoula, was transported to the hospital to have his blood drawn.

Someone calling from Stillwater Road asked officers to check on a woman’s welfare after they claimed to see her walking by their residence wearing a sports bra and nothing else and when they tried talking to her, she didn’t stop or acknowledge them. Officers made contact with the woman, who was fine. She was just walking on a path to cool down and had earbuds in.

A vehicle reportedly was taking up two spaces in a businesses parking lot and a woman told officers she didn’t know if anyone was inside and wasn’t allowed to check. Officers made contact with a man who said he was working from out-of-state and had no place to stay.

An agitated man started approaching another man with a 2-by-4 in a parking lot because he asked him to turn down his music.

A woman called the police to report a stranger standing on her front porch for about 20 minutes. She said they had been knocking on the door and pacing back and forth, but she was afraid to look outside to get a description of them. The person turned out to be a city employee trying to reach the homeowner.

People were smashing something at a fuel station and it looked like they were trying to get into a manhole cover where the gas goes underground. The person calling in the incident alleged they were pulling a white “T” shaped pipe out the back of a vehicle.

A blue Honda almost hit a number of vehicles when it was seen swerving all over the road on Main Street.

The driver of a green or black Dodge pickup allegedly passed out at an ATM.

Two dogs reportedly were being beaten and locked up in a kennel with feces all around them for hours on end, however, the person lodging the complaint was unable to articulate any immediate danger or injuries to the dogs as a result of the owners disciplining them.

A Star West Trail resident in Kila complained to Flathead County Sheriff’s Office that it was too late for a delivery driver to be out when he reportedly drove onto her yard while turning around and when she asked him to stop, he yelled that she “needs more light.”

Four empty purses and shoes were found at a boat launch on Lower Valley Road.

Someone calling from U.S. 2 in Kalispell had questions about illegal dumping and how to report it.

A man on Woodland Park Drive in Kalispell called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office complaining a lawn mower rider was rude and yelled at him after the mower reportedly threw a rock that broke his window. The man was advised the incident was not a criminal matter and was given the number to the county department(s).

Someone’s daughter allegedly changed the lock on their storage unit on U.S. 2 in Kalispell.

A woman in Polebridge reported her vehicle stolen, saying it was unlocked with the keys inside and had a full tank of gas. She called back to inform deputies that her vehicle was returned by someone “who took it by mistake.”

An excavator was left in a man’s driveway on U.S. 2 in Kila and he didn’t know who it belonged to. He was given a case number if he wanted to have it towed.