Monday, November 29, 2021

Law roundup: Woman’s wobble raises concerns

| July 14, 2021 12:00 AM

A very tan blonde woman with a homemade bandage around her head was walking too wobbly for a passerby’s comfort and they called the Kalispell Police Department out of concern that she had been drinking and was going to drive with a child in the vehicle.

A store customer believed a woman, who was with a man and a 5-year-old, might be on drugs because she was acting erratically, so she called officers. Dispatchers heard a woman screaming in the background during the call.

A postal worker was handling mail at boxes when two dogs reportedly tried to bite him. He called the police when people started to gather and a man came running toward him and yelling at him for kicking his dog.

Someone claimed a man they saw sitting in a stairway with a couple of bottles of alcohol at a building complex had given a minor alcohol on a previous day.

Someone reported having three packages stolen over the course of a week.

A passerby asked officers to check if a man lying in grass surrounded by food boxes was OK. The passerby said his nose looked like it was “busted in.”

A woman with seven children at her house confronted a teen about his reckless driving and he became angry. She told officers he was speeding up and down the road in a white F250 with a trailer attached to it.

Someone flagged down an officer to get directions to the airport.

A title allegedly was stolen from a man’s unlocked vehicle.

A woman remained concerned enough about a woman telling her she would mess her up over Memorial Day weekend that she called police to report it.

A woman on Harmony Road in Kalispell was concerned bears would be attracted to raw meat allegedly strewn all over the ground and told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she couldn’t bend over to pick it up due to a medical reason and no one was around to pick it up, and besides that, her dumpster was full anyway.

A woman reportedly fell asleep in her storage unit on U.S. 2 in Kalispell and woke up to find her car gone. Deputies told her the vehicle had been towed and why.

A man and woman walked out of a home improvement store with two carts filled with more than $1,100 in merchandise that was recovered on U.S. 93 in Kalispell. The man was reportedly wearing a store apron.

A vehicle horn kept going off on Haywire Gulch in Kalispell.

A small bush fire that reportedly was put out with a garden hose on Seventh Street in Columbia Falls may have been started by fireworks.

Columbia Falls Police Department received a call from someone claiming a man grabbed a woman who yelled, “help me,” and pulled her to the front of a Ninth Street store and took her purse and cane.

A woman wanted information on how to apply for a restraining order against a soon-to-be ex who reportedly threatened to break into the residence she was staying at and was driving by several times a day.

A woman allegedly stole a bunch of clothing from a Nucleus Avenue business and the owner had video footage of the theft to give to police.