Thursday, August 05, 2021

Letters to the editor July 15

| July 15, 2021 12:00 AM

Revenge tourism

I just read this quote about the overwhelming “revenge tourism” on Maui, from perspective of a local: “It’s such a wonderful place; it’s going to get loved to death,’’

Could we say similar about the Flathead? It’s only July and the fatigue of our front-line staff is showing. Will they endure to September?

Several tough weeks ahead and so many shops, businesses, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions at overflowing demand, with little staff, and all; guests and staff, on fragile emotions.

In a way the valley is experiencing what it prayed for; economic abundance, but it is coming with a high price on the community at large and the quality of life residents desire.

For my small part I am proactively thanking the staff for working whenever I have opportunity. It just might be that one smile or gesture of appreciation that helps them through their shift.

And when I travel, having empathy for front line staff will be a higher priority for me.

—Pearl Galbraith, Whitefish

Blank checks

As people are selling their places in the valley at record prices I have to wonder something. When all of us who didn’t sell out, get our new tax bill this year, will we get any better services from our administration that is funded by these taxes?

Will we actually get lines on the road in Kalispell so that when someone hits us we can have a defendable case? Will the city and even county address the lack of usable sidewalks? Will we be able to have snow plow workers that are even available on weekends and holidays like all of us who plow snow?

Sadly, I think the answer is no, and I would be happy if they prove me wrong. I say make the local officials justify their needs for increased tax revenue and have them explain how this will benefit all of us, on paper. I also would like them to explain what isn’t working and what they are doing to change that.

I have had a couple less than “amicable” talks with our local officials. Local leaders, step up! The time of blank checks is nearing the end, and so may be the careers of those who have been part of that ideology.

— Jeremy Phillips, Kalispell

Bookstore vandalism

I wish the article about the bookstore vandalism and stolen pride flag had been more prominent. Love lives here, but so does hate. I am trying to feel sympathetic toward the angry, insecure person did this, but I am more concerned about the vulnerable youth who may be frightened and hurt.

—Kim Fredericks. Whitefish

One-way ticket for Zuckerberg

Guatemalans greeted Vice President Harris with signs stating, “Trump won!” Why are Americans always the last ones to find out? Apparently, Kamala traveled to give Guatemala a welfare check to stay in their own country, but Guatemalans insisted on working. So, Kamala began giggling and the entire crowd dispersed.

The horror of all this is Guatemalans know our presidential election was a fraud. Most Americans suspect it, but they think everything will continue as usual, such as prosperity, low taxes, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the freedom to bear arms.

“Free speech”? Thousands of Americans have been kicked off of Facebook for political opinions which differ from Mark Zuckerberg, including the former President Trump.

Mark Zuckerberg gave millions to Maricopa County where the recount is now coming to a boil. He contributed over $300 million across the nation for that novel digital election; one dollar for every American citizen.

What do we do to a thief who robbed a nation, as much as any gun could? Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg would feel more at home in communist China, where he’s slumming his Facebook for a billion new customers because Donald Trump is no longer restricting him. Perhaps, if we all chipped in $1 we can get that boy a one-way flight to China. It would be a win-win situation for us all.

—Mike Donohue, Kalispell