Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Man’s proportions change while shopping

| July 19, 2021 12:00 AM

A “heavy-built man,” who wore a shirt with the sleeves cut off, was looking unnaturally proportioned when store security reportedly saw items stuffed down his pants.

Three people were hanging around a parking lot and an employee told Kalispell Police Department they were not comfortable approaching the trio because one of the people was wearing sweatpants and a large knife in a sheath. Officers moved along three men.

A shirtless man, who was walking in circles near a fast-food restaurant and throwing cans, allegedly kept pulling his pants down. He also almost got hit by a vehicle, according to a passerby.

A woman’s rental car was reportedly stolen while she was sleeping. She told Kalispell Police Department she kept the keys, which were missing, in her apartment and whoever stole it knew where she kept them.

A youth was kicked out of Woodland Waterpark after allegedly starting a fire at a fencepost by the bike rack. The fire was extinguished and the incident caught on security cameras.

A woman called and later canceled a complaint that her boyfriend took her car without permission after she located and recovered it.

A man with a bag was reportedly hanging around a parking lot and walked into some bushes, which made someone suspicious enough to ask officers to move him along.

A man was allegedly leaving messages on a woman’s vehicle and delivering notes to her work after she blocked him on social media. She also told officers he was following her around town.

A parent claimed their son’s girlfriend took their daughter’s cat and was refusing to give it back. The son planned to call Flathead County Sheriff’s Office later about the catfight.

A business owner on Rivers End in Bigfork wanted to find out if two missing kayaks had been found that a third party told them were floating empty on the lake and a pontoon was checking them out. The owner wanted to know if someone found them.

A woman, who had been sitting under a tree for a while on Cottonwood Drive in Kalispell, got up and left, leaving behind a backpack. Someone asked deputies to pick the backpack up because they didn’t want to. There was no identification in the backpack and it was secured for safekeeping.

A 30-pound propane tank and two RV batteries were reported stolen from a travel trailer on U.S. 2 in Columbia Falls.

A Tamarack Trail resident in Whitefish alleged someone was trespassing on his property.

A vehicle reportedly parked in a lot for more than a month was still there after being reported on a previous week. The location of the vehicle meant towing it would be the responsibility of the property owner.

A brownish vehicle with all its tires slashed was reportedly parked in a pullout on a corner of South Hilltop Road in Columbia Falls for at least a week.