Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Officers decline offer of money for treats

| July 20, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone went to the Columbia Falls Police Department to “offer the officers money for ice cream because it is just so hot out.” The caring citizen was informed officers likely wouldn’t be able to accept the donation.

A transformer exploded near a nursery in Columbia Falls.

A dog was reported for being left in a black car on Nucleus Avenue. However, an officer determined “the vehicle [was] parked in shade, with windows adequately open.”

A woman driving a swerving vehicle appeared to be attempting to get dressed behind the wheel. She pulled over in a fast food parking lot in Columbia Falls.

A resident of Fourth Avenue in Columbia Falls said her gas igniter went off continually for no apparent reason.

A property owner asked a woman to move her camper, but then stood in her way when she tried to leave. He gave mixed signals while he banged on the hood of the woman’s vehicle, then threatened to “hurt her if she didn’t move.”

A woman using her phone in Columbia Falls was asked to move along.

An intoxicated man intermittently tried to fight another man and rolled around in a patch of grass at a property on Montana 40.

A man passed out in a vehicle that was stolen, and then he tried to recover the belongings that were left in the vehicle.

A fight broke out near a bar in Coram. At one point, a man involved in the altercation pointed a gun at the bar, but then the parties drove away.

A woman who was “parked wrong” on Nucleus Avenue promised to move her car.