Monday, November 29, 2021

Law roundup: Man concerned about wife's animal collection

| July 22, 2021 12:00 AM

A man on U.S. 2 in Columbia Falls had questions about “getting rid of animals.” He purportedly told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office his wife had been “collecting animals,” the majority of which were goats. A deputy offered suggestions on how to approach his wife about her “goat collecting” habit, which he was not very receptive to. The deputy then told him he might try calling around about livestock auctions.

Airport security called deputies after detaining someone who allegedly was removed from a plane for arguing and fighting with crew members.

A man with a missing front tooth and a backpack flagged down a woman saying he was in a bad ATV accident and needed help. The woman called deputies after he allegedly started opening her door and when she stopped him, asking him for proof, he got down on his knees and started apologizing that he lied and just wanted a ride.

A man on Springer Road in Columbia Falls who tried to get a civil standby over a couple of days was advised there wasn’t enough manpower available at the time.

A man flagged down a deputy on Montana 35 in Columbia Falls to walk with him around the corner where he reportedly saw tire tracks going off the road down an embankment. The deputy checked the area and didn’t see any sign of a crash and the man thanked them.

Someone calling from Montana 40 in Columbia Falls was angry that staff from an event was stopping traffic because they thought it was going to cause an accident. The caller was advised law enforcement was doing extra patrols in the area and they still requested to speak to a deputy about it. People reportedly acting as crossing guards were counseled.

Someone calling from Haskill Basin Road in Whitefish was concerned that people associated with four vehicles and tents set up in the woods were not using an “approved campsite” because of the fire danger. They also believed they were trespassing. Deputies did not make contact with anyone at the location the caller mentioned, nor did they see any signs of a fire. Deputies advised the caller the people were on private property and the landowner would need to call in and report them for trespassing.

A nervous woman claimed a couple in a stolen car kept driving around her house on Oregon Street in Kalispell and that someone else was paintballing the car, which eventually parked in front of her house.

Someone opted to call deputies rather than tell a man with a gun on his hip to leave after he parked his camper van past “no trespassing” signs on their Blankenship Road property in West Glacier.

Someone was concerned about a dog possibly being neglected on Margrethe Road in Kalispell because it looked like its back legs were paralyzed and had sores.

A grandparent on Fourth Avenue in Hungry Horse reportedly told her grandson to “get the hell off” her property when she found him trying to set up a makeshift camp in her yard and he wasn’t supposed to be there. It turned out he was not actually on her property, but he left on foot and deputies advised her to call back if he did go onto the property and they would respond.