Sunday, September 26, 2021

Law roundup: Marion visitors wear out their welcome

| July 24, 2021 12:00 AM

Residents in Marion called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report people living in vehicles on Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation land. Authorities apparently have been involved for a month in an “ongoing dance” of trying to get the unwelcome guests to move along. The callers said they suspected the subjects “may not have garbage or a toilet that they are using safely.”

A man crashed his bicycle in Hungry Horse and another man helped him as he was lying on the ground. Law enforcement arrived to give him further support.

A man called because he hadn’t heard from his daughter, who attended the Under the Big Sky Festival and camped in the area with her friends. The frantic father said it was “unusual” not to receive a text from his daughter, but then she called him and said she was “OK.”

A man said his neighbors wrote a note complaining about his barking dog, and then they trespassed onto his property and “were harassing his dog.”

Pieces of a grill were strewn across two lanes of a Kalispell road.

A woman in Columbia Falls was reported for wearing stolen jeans in a store, but it could not be proven that her pants were indeed stolen. She left the store, still wearing the suspicious britches.

A loaded semi-automatic weapon was stolen out of a truck in Martin City overnight.

A utility box on MT 35 appeared to have been “ripped open,” according to a caller. However, there wasn’t actually any damage to the box. The door of the box was simply left open.