Monday, September 20, 2021

Law roundup: Alleged drug users not welcome in parking lot

| July 31, 2021 12:00 AM

A descriptive caller told the Kalispell Police Department there were “creepy druggies...yelling at each other” in a parking lot. One of the suspect individuals reportedly was jumping on the hood of a car. The caller asked for the alleged drug abusers to leave the area.

A cagey caller told the police he couldn’t see around a large RV. However, the vehicle was legally parked, and the caller hung up when he was asked for his name.

Some tenants were asked to leave a residence, and then they sealed the deal when they started arguing among themselves. One of them alleged he was kicked by another tenant.

A man was reported for indecent exposure and “carrying a bottle of shampoo or something.”

A girl received a package of a “busted up cellphone” from an unknown sender in New York. Her mother called the KPD to figure out what to do about the bizarre delivery.

A woman who lost her job said her former employers were “harassing her and talking about her all over town.”

A man said he was involved in a road rage incident at a red light, in which a truck driver pulled a black pistol out of a holster and pointed it at him. However, the other party involved in the incident said he “didn’t have any confrontation with anyone and he does not carry a firearm.”

A rider on an electric scooter was struck by a Jeep while crossing a road, but he said he felt “fine” after the incident.

A caller thought it was a crime for a “large group of kids” to gather at a park. She said there were about 20 young adults in their “late teens to twenties.” An officer drove through the park and reported there was “nothing disorderly seen.”