Saturday, June 12, 2021

Law roundup: Tennis nets cut down at Hawthorne Park

| June 6, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone allegedly cut down tennis court nets at Hawthorne Park. A city employee cleaned up the damage and called Kalispell Police Department to report the vandalism.

The previous owners of a four-plex allegedly kept circling the building and had sent their son over who was “drilling holes from under the house.”

A black bicycle with blue writing on it and blue rims was reportedly left by someone’s shed for nearly two days. The bicycle had a helmet on it and there were two grocery bags filled with food and clothing next to it.

Neighbors allegedly became mired in an altercation about shared fencing being cut down and dogs getting out.

Someone was concerned about a border collie wandering in front of their house because it looked very hot.

An older dog with long nails seemed malnourished to someone who found it on the loose with another skinny dog that was still running around.

Someone was afraid a man they reportedly saw carrying a bunch of Amazon packages had stolen them.

A woman wanted police to know about a number of “very loud” cars that were continuing to “rip up and down the street.” The report wasn’t too concerning as high school graduation had just ended.

A man sitting on a front porch allegedly had a gun of some sort and was shooting at birds. The person calling in the report said the gun didn’t make much, if any, noise and was probably a pellet or airsoft gun.