Saturday, June 12, 2021

Law roundup: Cars are fast and resident is furious

| June 8, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone called 911 furious about fast vehicles speeding through the area and wanted Kalispell Police Department officers to patrol Teton Street to catch them.

Maybe a clean-cut man possibly missed a good sale when he was heard screaming and cursing throughout a mall. Officers counseled the man and advised him he couldn’t return to the property.

A child “just old enough to be walking,” and wearing only a diaper purportedly figured out how to open the front door and was seen running around unsupervised. The child was reunited with her parents.

A man told officers their car was broken into and a latch broken, but they didn’t believe anything was missing. The suspect was allegedly caught on camera walking by and pointing a gun at his house.

A later call came in from a parent who said their son was caught on camera getting into a vehicle and pointing a fake gun at a house.

Someone walking on Rails to Trails was warned by a passerby that a transient with a machete was setting up camp with other transients in trees by a creek.

A woman wearing a long black dress, heels and a hot pink beanie was seen approaching vehicles in a motel parking lot and a manager thought she might be trying to break into them because they had run-ins with her before.

A man on Echo Cabin Loop in Bigfork was upset about oil on the road getting all over his brand new truck and wanted to speak to a deputy about the situation. The oil was put down for dust control and Flathead County Sheriff’s Office advised him this was not a crime. It also appeared he drove faster than 5 mph as signs advised.

A woman nearly turned a black Angus cow into hamburger when she told deputies it was in the road on U.S. 93 in Somers and she almost hit it driving 50 mph. She said she wasn’t sure if it was going to continue making its way to the lake or would try to cross the road again.

A tenant evicted from a Foothill Road property in Kalispell reportedly returned to the location, took apart a fence, drove around the gate and confronted someone, saying if they locked the gate again he would ram it down with his pickup.

Someone knocked on the door of a South Fork Road house in Martin City. When the resident and their friend went downstairs to check, the door was open and so were drawers inside the house. The pair went outside until deputies cleared the house and secured the building.

A man on Reserve Drive in Kalispell told deputies he’s complained about a howling hound dog for three years. He said the dog barks around 2 and 3 a.m., however, he didn’t call then. He was told to keep a bark log. Officers attempted to contact the owners.

It’s spring cleaning for vehicle owners and someone was concerned a carwash line was causing a traffic backup on Idaho Street in Kalispell.

A semi driver reportedly lost a bunch of sheets of drywall on U.S. 2 in Kalispell. He received a citation for having an unsecured load.

A caller on U.S. 93 in Olney was curious if any reports of explosions had been made. The caller did not see any smoke or hear any signs of distress, just wanted the information logged in case reports did come in.

A Shady Glen Drive resident was suspicious of a woman sitting in a vehicle parked in the neighbor’s driveway while they weren’t home. The resident said the woman told her daughter she was waiting for law enforcement for a situation that occurred in the park, but wanted deputies to check on her because she had been parked there for so long.

Someone ditched a minivan with busted windows on a Merical Mountain Road property in Kila.