Saturday, June 12, 2021

Law roundup: Woman goes postal over mail

| June 10, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman claimed she was afraid the postmaster would put illegal contraband in her mailbox to “set her up,” and was under the impression he was “out to get her.” However, she reportedly was being uncooperative with the post office’s efforts to deliver mail, according to the Kalispell Police Department.

Two men who allegedly parked themselves and a cooler on a “smoker’s bench” in a parking lot allegedly lost their cool when they verbally threatened guests and someone who called the police. The caller said they would like the men, and a cooler that was by them, removed from the property. Officers located the men, who said the cooler wasn’t theirs.

A man with a ponytail was screaming at the top of his lungs at a younger man who was with an elderly woman. The screamer was counseled on his behavior.

A man reported his girlfriend missing after he didn’t see or hear from her in four or five hours and said it wasn’t like her to do that. She reportedly told him she was going to get a key made and do some work at the office and left her phone at home. After calling various places with no luck, she was found OK, at a casino.

Someone apologized to dispatchers when their phone got stuck in a couch and then their dog sat on it, which led to 911 being dialed.

A very unhappy and angry woman with a dog was heard shouting “get away from me,” in a store bathroom and then wandered around talking to herself. By the time officers arrived she was getting ready to check out.

A lady wearing a black dress, no shoes and a lightweight coat was being a problem at a location where she reportedly broke into a room to sleep. She refused to leave when told to, and instead wandered the halls and headed toward a back parking lot with her hood cinched up around her face.

A skinny man was yelling, screaming and swearing at a woman with pink hair at the corner of the Rail Park and Whitefish Stage Road. The woman was picked up by a driver and the man ran into thick timber.

A man with “lots of tats” reportedly told someone who thought he was loitering that he was “waiting for one of the mothers for a visit,” but no one knew who he was and wanted him moved along. He and another man were then seen pushing each other and sitting next to each other by a bank. The duo then began dancing as they headed toward a grocery store gas station. The person calling to report the men said the tattooed man claimed he knew a woman, who said she didn’t know him yet he appeared to be watching her vehicle.

A man received a letter and debit card in a packet from New Mexico, which he found out had to do with an illegal unemployment claim.

Extra patrol was requested in the evening hours around a building because of an increase in transients hanging out in the area.

A 24-year-old allegedly sent a concerned mother’s 14-year-old son “dirty pics” via text message.

Another call came in from a woman who believed she was being blackmailed when an unknown woman allegedly sent explicit photos that were supposedly of her husband and threatened to post them on YouTube if she didn’t send $1,200.

A man reportedly made threats to shoot up a bank at a certain time and the manager requested an officer in the area if he showed up.

A 20-year-old man skateboarding on Airport Road was seen tagging either electrical boxes or mailboxes. The man reportedly agreed to clean three known sites.

Someone was suspicious of two men allegedly handing out Bibles to children in a parking lot and wanted to make sure kids at a school were safe and that the school knew the men were out there.

A woman on Peaceful Drive in Bigfork wasn’t feeling very serene when she noticed a “creepy” truck with tinted windows and two older men sitting inside who had been parked in front of her house for a long time and she felt the men were targeting her. The area was marked for extra patrol by the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

A mangy, hungry, howling husky-looking dog had been hanging around Dogwood Avenue in Kalispell for a few days and needed help. An officer attempted to catch the skittish dog, which slipped away from their catch pole.

Two motorcycles were reported stolen from a barn on a Ferndale Drive property in Bigfork.

The Kalispell Police Department received a report that a “most likely” intoxicated driver wearing a cowboy hat allegedly jumped a curb, mowed down a mailbox and hit a woman’s vehicle in a parking lot off U.S. 2 in Evergreen where he then argued with and tried to fight other people before driving away in a green Chevy truck with chrome wheels and a diamond plate toolbox. The incident reportedly began when he chased the woman who drove into the parking lot trying to get away from him. She reportedly didn’t know who the man was.

A woman walked out of her residence to find a “tweaker” passed out in her chair under a flower-printed blanket. He refused to leave until she threatened to call the police. The man, who had been causing multiple issues for others, left on East Washington Street.

A young man in a white car by a gazebo was leaning out the passenger-side window and over the hood, shooting what sounded like a pellet gun at a car in the roadway.

Someone leaving work saw someone drive up to a light post, lift up the base and place a pill bottle they thought contained a white powder in it. The item turned out to be a geocache and the bottle didn’t contain a white powdery substance.

A woman went into an office area and claimed she smelled something horrible that was potent and “burned her nose hairs.” She requested extra patrol, alleging the odd behavior of the manager and staff led her to believe they were on drugs.