Saturday, June 12, 2021

Letters to the editor May 31

| May 31, 2021 12:00 AM

Inflammatory terms

I just read the article announcing nurses’ intent to strike and management’s response. I have a question. If they have plenty of nurses to take the place of those striking for three days, how is that patient abandonment?

May I offer some advice to management? Stop using inflammatory terms like “abandonment” thinking you will guilt us or turn patients against us. Don’t alienate the nurses, you won’t be able to win our trust back. If I was a manager, I would at least pay lip service to nursing concerns and avoid saying negative things about the union which is not going away.

—Lori Bainter, Kalispell

Silo art

With all the talented and hungry artists in the Flathead, I’d bet a cool mural proposal for the walls of Mr. Ruis’ grain silos would be a winner. Construction and maintenance would be challenges well worth the stunning result. National and even international recognition are givens — there are a ton of unused urban eyesore silos.

—Andy Palchak, Kalispell

Music festival a success

After more than a month of rehearsals and practice, I recently finished accompanying several Flathead High School music students for this year’s “Virtual Music Festival.”

What a wonderful, positive experience. The students were so welcoming, respectful, dedicated and truly enjoyable to work with. We were all a bit nervous when recording — new for me, too — but through the nerves, the students I played for and listened to performed with poise and excellence.

Thank you to the music staff as well as students for your helpfulness, flexibility, hard work and for wearing masks during this challenging time. Thank you Kalispell Schools and schools across the valley for supporting and encouraging students through the many, varied programs and activities promoting the endeavors of our dedicated young people. I feel blessed to have been a tiny part of this experience.

—Valli Ostrem, Kalispell