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Columbia Falls wins Class A speech tourney

| November 9, 2021 12:00 AM

Columbia Falls High School won its first Class A tournament of the season in Hamilton Saturday.

Leading the team with individual first-place finishes were: Eddie Chisholm and Emma Stephens, Policy Debate; Griffin Conger, Dramatic Interpretation; Aiden Judge, Extemporaneous Speaking; and Raphe Salmon, Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

The Whitefish High School speech and debate team placed fifth.

Original Oratory

  1. Zoey Marzo, Whitefish

Extemporaneous Speaking

  1. Aiden Judge, Columbia Falls

Informative Speaking

  1. Carson Settles, Columbia Falls
  2. Ruby Davis, Columbia Falls

Interpretive Speaking

  1. Emma Maddux, Columbia Falls

Dramatic Interpretation

  1. Griffin Conger, Columbia Falls
  2. Zack Tillman, Columbia Falls
  3. Esme Fennesey, Whitefish

Humorous Interpretation

  1. Carter Harvey, Columbia Falls

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  1. Raphe Salmon, Columbia Falls
  2. Fiona Shanahan, Whitefish

Policy Debate

  1. Eddie Chisholm and Emma Stephens, Columbia Falls
  2. Emma Wendt and Eleanor Hollingsworth, Columbia Falls
  3. Lauren Rogers and KaiLee Cole, Columbia Falls

Public Forum Debate

  1. Addie Blackaby and Zoe Tremper, Whitefish
  2. Brayden Crawford and Aiden Rohn, Columbia Falls
  3. May Rowles and Jayce McDonald, Whitefish

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