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Law roundup: Friday night fun at the bar

| November 11, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone was concerned that a mother allegedly had her 6-year-old child with her at a bar Friday night. The pair were gone before Columbia Falls Police Department arrived.

Someone on Grace Road allegedly grabbed a gun and answered a door after hearing someone kicking or pounding it, but no one was there. They requested extra patrol.

A door reportedly was jimmied where a business was storing cigarette stock after an employee found the lock damaged.

Two people allegedly assaulted someone on Sixth Avenue.

A drunk man dressed in camouflage yelled and “came at” a woman in a parking lot. She made it inside her apartment and the man got into a vehicle and left.

Multiple people with BB guns in a backyard on Second Avenue were advised of city ordinances.

A man with a gun in his pocket called the Kalispell Police Department to report two “kids,” breaking into the apartment where he lived with a roommate. During the incident, the man reportedly said he was going to shoot and one of the parties involved started yelling and saying a name. The man was allegedly punched in the face before the men went to their own apartment. Two people involved in the incident were taken to jail.

Officers responded to a verbal disturbance involving a man stubbing his toe on a bed frame, tripping and spilling beer on a woman's daughter. Parties were separated.

A man walking with a woman was seen trying to take something from her while hitting her repeatedly as she screamed at him to stop.

A woman carrying a backpack and bag allegedly was caught on video footage wandering around a man and his neighbor’s property. The man thought she was looking for items to take.

A “deranged girl” wandering the block looked confused, like she didn’t know where she was going, according to a man who was counseled by officers.

A man messing with a front window on a house “was acting strange” when someone drove by.

A flatbed trailer that wasn’t attached to a vehicle and didn’t have license plates was parked in front of a location for a week.

A Kalispell woman wanted to collect her belongings from a location and voiced concerns to Flathead County Sheriff's Office that her reptiles were not being cared for correctly.

A Kila caller allegedly sold $400 worth of firewood, but no one wanted to actually pay for it. They were advised to file a claim in civil court.

A dog ran through a Kalispell store.

A woman, who was staying in a camper on a Martin City property, returned to the site after staying elsewhere for the night to find it had been towed away along with all her belongings inside it.

A Marion resident working on the road to his property purportedly “created a road” on a neighbor’s property.

Someone who previously called about men poaching in Whitefish claimed they were back and killed a deer.