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Law roundup: Laboratory owner gives mixed signals

| November 12, 2021 12:00 AM

A man in Hungry Horse told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office he was running an “internal laboratory” and he warned the department to operate at “200%.” In the same call, he complimented the work of the Sheriff’s Office and told them he was bulletproofing his property.

A small dog was reported for barking all day, but law enforcement couldn’t find the dog’s house.

Someone called because an employee was reportedly “snippy” toward a person with a disability.

A man who refused to give specific details said he had an ongoing issue with poaching.

A neighbor tried to bring water to a dog tied up to a tree, but the owner apparently moved the water to the other side of a fence, so the neighbor called 911.

A woman said a pair of cats has defecated on her property for three straight years.

Someone wrote on the side of a man’s camper trailer.

Neighbors revved their engines at an unknown address.

A “kid” was riding a dirt bike without lights. Someone who saw him said he was cutting people off.

A motorist called because another driver used the center lane to pass them.

A man believed his locked truck was broken into, although there was no damage.

Someone stole money from a house over the course of months, and a caller said he had a suspect.

A man with a “no trespassing” sign said he was worried a woman walking her dog on the property “was checking out the property to steal things.”

A prankster, perhaps, repeatedly turned on a homeowner’s sprinklers at night.