Monday, December 06, 2021

Law roundup: Visitor not welcome to take a seat

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 15, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman requested assistance from Kalispell Police Department when her ex reportedly showed up with “the new girlfriend” and they began arguing over belongings, specifically, a chair. Parties were separated. The chair stayed. Parties planned to take up the issue in civil court.

A man allegedly reported as missing called officers from Billings to say he was at work.

A man in the parking lot of an apartment building was reportedly yelling and screaming at a manager and threatening to shoot security. Parties were counseled.

A woman was allegedly being stalked by a man with his mother who were following them around a store yelling. She then started screaming and the group began arguing when the man ran out of the store and drove away in a bluish-gray van. She claimed he had stalked her and her daughter for the past 10 years.

A man reportedly called the police from a cigar shop using a borrowed phone and whispered he needed law enforcement regarding a “narcotic issue” but would not provide his name and hung up. A manager told officers a transient man wearing a coat, shorts and slippers had been causing issues in the store earlier and was now out front acting strangely. Like a puff of smoke, he was gone by the time officers arrived.

A manager allegedly wanted a very disruptive man in a trenchcoat charged for trespassing. The man had previously been moved along from the location on two previous occasions and was warned once again about trespassing.

A woman’s ex reportedly threatened to kill one of her dogs. She was counseled by officers, given an application for a temporary restraining order and told to call if she needed further assistance.

A bag with drug paraphernalia was allegedly left on the counter by a man with a scruffy beard and an employee wanted police to pick it up.

Extra patrol was requested between someone’s address, a grocery store and the chamber building on weekend nights when there is usually is a host of traffic issues.

A welfare check was requested on a woman wrapped in a blanket who reportedly was walking back and forth across the highway and wandering outside a location.

A woman allegedly told officers her ex broke the front window of his house along with other items, grabbed her and pushed her outside.

Someone was pretty sure the animal they saw running around First Avenue East that was black, white and gray in color was a goat rather than a fawn. Officers located the animal, which turned out to be a deer.

Extra patrol was requested after a very aggressive customer reportedly left a location screaming at staff after he was confronted about trying to steal items.

A homeless woman reportedly kept leaving her belongings on someone’s front porch. A pack of food, snacks and a cell phone were collected by officers for safekeeping.