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Glacier chalks up another win at Missoula tourney

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 16, 2021 12:00 AM

The Glacier High School speech and debate team captured its second consecutive win of the season in Missoula over the weekend.

Glacier took first place by racking up 207.5 overall points at the Garden City Regional tournament. Flathead finished second with 177.5 overall points.

Frenchtown edged Columbia Falls among Class ABC schools — 54.5 to 50 — followed by Whitefish with 30 points. Twenty teams from Western Montana competed in the tournament.

“I told the team to never take wins for granted,” Glacier Head Coach Greg Adkins said in a press release. “Winning a two-day AA tournament is never easy, and I'm very proud of the team's efforts. I'm so thrilled at the way our newcomers are competing and the growth that our returners are showing in the young season.”

Glacier was led with individual first-place finishes from Owen Carpenter and Atticus Cheman in Novice Policy Debate; Kevin Fortin in Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate; Calvin Schmidt in Legislative Debate; Alexa Wilton in Memorized Public Address; and Lane McKoy in Informative Speaking.

Flathead’s individual first-place finishers included Scout McMahon in Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu Speaking; James Francis and Aiden Christy in Duo Interpretation; Aiden Christy in Humorous Interpretation; and Ryan Tiet in Dramatic Interpretation.

On Nov. 20, Columbia Falls High School will host a Class A invitational and is looking for volunteer judges. Prior experience isn’t necessary. To sign up as a judge contact Ally Reamy at or Dawn Roe at

Following are individual results from the Garden City Regional tournament.

Varsity Policy Debate

  1. Eddie Chisholm and Emma Stephens, Columbia Falls
  2. Mason Fauth and Alexandra Houseworth, Glacier
  3. Gavin Carmichael and Alex Losee, Whitefish
  4. Robert Corbett and Alyssa Leimkuehler, Flathead

Novice Policy Debate

  1. Atticus Cheman and Owen Carpenter, Glacier
  2. Lauren Rogers and Kai Cole, Columbia Falls
  3. Alex Hudson and Emmery Schmidt, Glacier
  4. Ben Adjemovic and Jack Thompson, Flathead
  5. Tristan Jorgenson and Selah Conklin, Glacier

Novice Lincoln, Douglas Debate

  1. Kevin Fortin, Glacier
  2. Lukas Schubert, Glacier
  3. Gaby Allred, Glacier
  4. Fiona Shanahan, Whitefish

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  1. Raphe Salmon, Columbia Falls
  2. Gabe Reddish, Flathead
  3. Aidan Walker, Glacier
  4. Miles Sneeded, Glacier
  5. Kait Giffin, Glacier

Public Forum Debate

  1. Addie Blackaby and ZoeTremper, Whitefish
  2. Garrett Hinzman and Kyler Knutson, Glacier
  3. Brayden Crawford and Aiden Rohn, Columbia Falls

Legislative Debate

  1. Calvin Schmidt, Glacier
  2. Emily Hove, Flathead
  3. Kenna Sandler, Glacier

Extemporaneous Speaking

  1. Scout McMahon, Flathead
  2. Leah Spangler, Flathead
  3. Maayana Sattler, Flathead
  4. Rachel Ottman, Flathead
  5. Caleb Lamb, Glacier
  6. Bella Teggeman, Glacier
  7. Rylin Wilde, Flathead

Impromptu Speaking

  1. Scout McMahon, Flathead
  2. Leah Spangler, Flathead
  3. Rachel Ottman, Flathead
  4. Maayana Sattler, Flathead
  5. Bella Teggeman, Glacier
  6. Rylin Wilde, Flathead
  7. Neila Lyngholm, Flathead

Duo Interpretation

  1. James Francis and Aiden Christy, Flathead
  2. Collin Olson and Gracyne Johnson, Flathead
  3. Mac Adkins and Alden Lamson, Glacier
  4. Isaac Lorenc and Davis Rennie, Glacier
  5. Avram Bingham and Kaelin Holt, Glacier

Humorous Interpretation

  1. Aiden Christy, Flathead
  2. Davis Rennie, Glacier
  3. James Francis, Flathead
  4. Adina Lockwood, Flathead
  5. Sophia Dykhuizen, Flathead

Dramatic Interpretation

  1. Ryan Tiet, Flathead
  2. Brenna Ernst, Glacier
  3. Kaelin Holt, Glacier
  4. Kadence Johnson, Flathead
  5. Zack Tillman, Columbia Falls
  6. Gabrielle Cantrell, Musson, Glacier

Memorized Public Address

  1. Alexa Wilton, Glacier
  2. Aryana Allred, Glacier
  3. Avram Bingham, Glacier
  4. Harrison Sanders, Glacier
  5. Janasya Amaker, Glacier
  6. Hailey Hendrickson, Flathead

Original Oratory

  1. Mac Adkins, Glacier
  2. Braelynn Anderson, Flathead
  3. Bella AuClaire, Glacier

Informative Speaking

  1. Lane McKoy, Glacier
  2. Hailey Hendrickson, Flathead
  3. Mason Hermann, Flathead
  4. Carson Settles, Columbia Falls

Program Oral Interpretation

  1. Isabella Shinn, Flathead
  2. Alexa Wilton, Glacier
  3. Bethany Nairn, Flathead
  4. Ada Milner, Flathead
  5. Derek Smith, Glacier
  6. Morgan Pitts, Glacier
  7. Zephy Hanson, Glacier

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