Monday, December 06, 2021

Law roundup Sandman visits car in Columbia Falls

| November 20, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone put sand in a man’s broken-down car. A car shop refused to remove the sand in case it could be used as evidence, according to a call to the Columbia Falls Police Department.

Someone was suspicious of a vehicle with an open hatch, but there was apparently “no need” for concern.

A Columbia Falls driver was warned for driving without taillights. She promised to drive another vehicle until hers was fixed.

A woman tried to camp at Railroad Park on Fourth Avenue in Columbia Falls, but she was informed she couldn’t stay there overnight.

A mother called the police because her daughter wouldn’t come home from her boyfriend’s house and the daughter was “giving attitude” to the mother.

Two people were spotted on a camera at a grandmother’s residence while the grandmother was away at a facility.

A woman sleeping outside an apartment was asked to leave, and she declined assistance.

Law enforcement checked on a woman for the third time because she was barefoot, but each time she declined assistance and seemed fine.

A woman contacted the police for a theft that took place in Fargo, North Dakota.

A truck caught on fire in Columbia Falls.

A caller told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to “do their job” and advised the agency to get snowplows out to clear roads. “All roads need to be cleared,” the pushy caller told county officials.

Two dogs were running loose in Kalispell. One of them was reported standing in the middle of a road.

Another dog got confused and went into a woman’s yard, then couldn’t figure out how to get back out of the yard.

A woman cashed a check from an “unknown person” and then her account was frozen. “It is very unclear what happened here,” an officer said.

A man’s neighbor “got kind of snotty” with him. He said he wasn’t clear on what the neighbor wanted.