Monday, December 06, 2021

Letters to the editor Nov. 20

| November 20, 2021 12:00 AM

Reach out for help

I am writing to say thank you to all members in good standing of the U.S. military – past, present and future. These incredible heroes have, do, and will continue to keep our country safe.

Because of the scholarly research done by my grandfather, I know the names, units and engagements of my family’s patriot ancestors who served, fought and bled for over 200 years from the American Revolution until today.

Each and every person who answers the call of our country is a hero. Indeed all first responders, no matter the occupation (fire, linemen, law enforcement, medical, military), are heroes. God bless each and every one of you!

However, right now there is a devastating epidemic of suicides throughout our military. I simply wanted to say that each and every one of you matter. Too many of you have seen and experienced the worst of mankind. You did your best. You did your duty. None of us is super-human. You could not have done more. As horrific as your memories are, you could not have changed the outcomes. Stop beating yourselves up.

So I am asking you to please reach out for help. Just in the last 24 hours, I have become aware of two different ways to find help. There is a brand new, free app developed by the brother of a veteran who committed suicide. It is called Sound Off. It is encrypted for complete anonymity. Sound Off has already been credited in saving the lives of 200 veterans who were on the edge of completing their suicide. The other program is called Home Base and is funded by the Wounded Warrior Project.

So please, reach out for help. You are loved. You are needed. Seek out the help that you deserve. We care.

— Christina Granrud, Kalispell

Erosion of trust

The recent news that Montana recorded its first influenza case in 18 months is truly amazing. The state health department recorded 11,255 cases in the 2019-20 influenza season, and zero cases in 2020-21. The health department attributed this precipitous drop to the precautions taken to prevent the spread of Covid.

Apparently masking, social distancing and hand washing are 100% effective at stopping the flu, but failed to prevent the 175,070 cases of Covid reported over the same period.

The tying of federal Covid relief funds to the number of cases could have muddied the water a bit in this scenario, but the money is not the critical issue. The real concern is the erosion of trust, both explicit and implicit, in “science” itself. As it is truly hard to believe that the state went 18 months without a single case of the flu, will the public be as accepting of future reporting of disease case numbers?

­­— Andrew Fisher, Missoula

Spreading kindness

Saturday, November 13, was World Kindness Day, and it serves as a reminder for us to be thoughtful and kind to others.

At a time when there is such a divide nationwide at the political level, we should be able to agree on one thing: Kindness should never go out of style.

This is why we at Dayspring Restoration have implemented #RestoringKindness over a four-week period across Montana.

We partnered with wonderful organizations that make a powerful impact in our communities. On Oct. 29, every member of our team dedicated most or all of their day to serving others.

I want to thank Rebecca Wilson from Habitat for Humanity of Flathead Valley, for welcoming our Dayspring team as volunteers on that day. Our team members helped build a new home in Lakeside – such a fulfilling and emotional experience.

Giving our time to create smiles on the faces of fellow community members warms our hearts.

Our #RestoringKindness campaign also saw us deliver Kind-branded snack boxes and other treats to healthcare facilities and schools throughout the Kalispell area and beyond. Among these were Logan Health in Kalispell and Whitefish.

Powered by the strength and reach of many, we’re one company with a single purpose: Restoring lives. During this time, we created these examples of kindness, and we’re encouraging others to do the very same.

The joy we experienced in giving our time and resources will help us be #RestoringKindness throughout the year. We hope you will join us. Kindness is a force that can make a huge difference – here in the Kalispell area and everywhere we go.

We once again thank our friends at Habitat for Humanity for allowing us to volunteer.

With Thanksgiving a week away, to be followed by Christmas, now is the ideal time to show kindness.

— Mark Spring is Dayspring Restoration