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Letters to the editor Nov. 22

| November 22, 2021 12:00 AM

Tranel for Congress

Serving in the Montana Legislature, we learned a lot about what makes an effective lawmaker: hard work, the ability to build consensus, and a commitment to the public good. Monica Tranel, who’s running for Congress, will be such a lawmaker.

Monica grew up in a big family on a Montana ranch. She competed for the U.S. in two Olympics. A lawyer, she has had a long career protecting Montanans from powerful corporations and monopoly utilities that place profits over people. She is the mother of three daughters. From these experiences she’s learned the importance of cooperation and mutual respect, grit and hard work, and protecting the less advantaged. She believes passionately that Montana has bright prospects. She believes that democracy, economic justice, and a sustainable future are worth fighting for, everywhere in the world.

Contrast Monica with Ryan Zinke, the likely Republican nominee. Zinke has repeatedly shown that he is unable to separate his personal and political interests. What comes first for Zinke is Zinke, not the public interest, nor justice, nor our children’s future.

We support electing Monica Tranel, who truly cares about Montana families and their wellbeing, to Congress. We hope you will join us.

—Dan Weinberg represented SD2 in the state Legislature from 2004-08). Mike Jopek represented HD4 from 2004-11

Canadian commentary

When the U.S. border opened to Canadians on Nov. 8 we were the fourth car in line. It has been more than two years since we have been able to visit the Flathead valley — an annual trip for our family and one of our favourite places to be.

We heard in the news that businesses in the Flathead are excited that Canadians are returning ,but here is a friendly reminder from someone who just spent a week in your community … please, stop talking about Covid. You have the right to free speech, but when someone is in your store and the staff are openly sharing with customers that Covid is fake and a scam — you will drive many Canadians away from your business. We heard this kind of talk numerous times in five days and we left some businesses without spending a dollar.

—CR Geissler, Edmonton

Taking advantage of women

I would like to talk about the growing number of businesses that take advantage of or ignore women. When I have called companies about getting things repaired, they want to speak to the man of the house. Sorry, but not all households have men in them.

They need to realize that some of these women are widows, I for one, and help them. I have endured months of this and am finally tired of it. My husband was born here and he would roll over in his grave if he knew what was happening to me.

Having a contractor that had taken six months to complete a roof/soffit and is now refusing to complete it because he has started other projects is wrong, plus he has not finished the sun room or the siding either. I have put to much money into this that I cannot afford another person to come in to finish what he is refusing to do.

I have also dealt with two auto repair companies, one that did not listen to me and repaired something else and then I had to take the car back in to fix the original issue that was never addressed to begin with.

I decided to try another local on another issue and it took three weeks. One of their mechanic’s got angry and took a hammer to the new oil pan and the process started over again. When he connected my battery, he did it wrong, thus having to purchase a new battery. I ended up going to the dealer to get it repaired because I was still having issues after all was said and done.

Moral of the story, why do men companies take advantage of women in need? What if it was their daughter, mother or wife?

—Molly Worden-Cockrell, Columbia Falls

Amusement park

In response to Colin Sellwood’s letter to the editor published on Nov 14. Whitefish City Father’s — stop right there — enough is enough!

They have got to stop treating this valley like it’s an amusement park. The allure of this area is rapidly declining. Please stop!

—Amber Gordon, Martin City

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