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Law roundup: Driver has difficulty negotiating roundabout

| November 24, 2021 12:00 AM

A driver in Kalispell reportedly went up and over a roundabout, according to a call into the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

A Columbia Falls woman let law enforcement know her horses were loose. She went to round them up.

Two “very friendly” dogs jumped into a man’s truck but he said he couldn’t hold onto them.

A pet owner apparently broke up a cat fight.

A Kila woman had “issues with someone living on their property that they want to leave.”

Someone allegedly pepper-sprayed a door handle and stole an electric meter from a residence.

A man found a backpack on his property, and after trying to locate the owner via social media, he turned it into the Sheriff’s Office.

A woman was worried because she saw a van parked at the same location three consecutive times she visited the location.

A watch accidentally called the Columbia Falls Police Department. The watch-wearer was cooperative with law enforcement.

A Columbia Falls landlord broke the lock on a woman’s door. Her father called the police to learn about tenant rights.

Two Labradors ran loose on Second Avenue in Columbia Falls until their owner called them home.

An employee sent a threatening text to his supervisor, and the supervisor asked for law enforcement to stand by while the employee was terminated.

Four vehicles were stickered on Cedar Pointe Loop for parking on the sidewalk bike path.