Friday, December 03, 2021

Law roundup: Man causes scene and threatens harm

| November 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Dispatchers called back a phone number associated with a 911 hangup and spoke with a man who was out working in Kalispell when another man allegedly came out and caused a scene by harassing and yelling at him, hitting his vehicle and threatening to shoot him.

A Kalispell woman reportedly wanted the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to call her regarding a contractor who was secretly recording her during a conversation and wanted to know what the laws were. Deputies left him a message about Montana being a two-party consent state.

A woman in Kalispell was uncomfortable seeing a man in a running vehicle she had seen before that was parked in the street because she did not believe “he belonged there” with kids being around and it “seemed out of place.” She wanted the vehicle to leave.

A Lakeside resident allegedly thought someone tried to break into her home after finding a cracked door frame, loose hardware and what appeared to be a shoe print on the outside of the door.

A customer, who was kicked out of a Kalispell location, told an employee he was going to stab him when he got off work. A coworker calling in the report said they saw a knife on the man who was hanging around the location.

A man in Kalispell claimed his wife had his phone and was refusing to give it back.

A concerned Whitefish parent claimed his wife had been drinking all day and was getting ready to leave the house with the kids in the car. She then left the house with one child.