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Law roundup: Woman captures break-in on camera

| November 27, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman reported an intruder insider her shop. She told Flathead County Sheriff's Office dispatchers that was watching the break-in on a security camera.

A woman was unable to get in touch with a tow truck after she blew a tire near Olney and didn’t have the proper tools to fix the flat.

Three report of a possible intoxicated driver were reported in Kalispell after a vehicle was seen swerving in both lanes and nearly hitting a guard rail multiple times.

A burn pile in Kalispell drew multiple calls to dispatch.

A caller reported hearing two loud bangs, as if someone was thrown into a wall.

A person who was refused service reportedly stolen a couple beers.

A man was seen yelling the tossing around garbage.

Someone snatched a property deed from a woman’s purse.

A dumpster fire was reported in a Kalispell alleyway.

A fight with at least five people was reported.

A caller reported people throwing knives and hatchets in their backyard. It had been going on all week.

A Coram resident caught someone trying to steal her quad. She hopped in her vehicle and chased the suspect for about 20 minutes. They eventually ditched the quad.

A job trailer was broken into in Lakeside.

A neighbor dispute nearly turned physical when one person reached through a gate and tried to hit another man.

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