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Law roundup: Sketchy man peddles tattoos from camper

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 29, 2021 12:00 AM

A “very sketchy” man was allegedly selling tattoos out of a parked camper trailer.

An intoxicated man wearing dark clothing was seen lying in a building driveway by an employee who called the Kalispell Police Department. Officers requested an ambulance to take him to the hospital for extreme intoxication.

An employee wanted a man falling asleep in the casino area moved along after he refused to do so when asked. The employee thought he might be on drugs and recognized him from being on the Flathead County jail roster so often.

A woman, whose speech was slightly slurred, claimed she called officers earlier in the night about her phone being stolen and was now calling to report her car stolen from a bar parking lot and that she walked home.

A bald man with a holstered gun on his hip allegedly kicked in a hotel door and yelled.

A neighbor did not want to get too involved but called police to report hearing a boy screaming and glass breaking at a trailer. A woman told officers she had locked her child and herself out of their house and broke a window to get in.

Someone taking a midnight walk around the street called officers after purportedly hearing someone in a camper trailer loading a “gun clip.”

A woman allegedly heard crying and a man saying, “Are you going to do what I said?” accompanied by what sounded like choking and something hitting the floor. The person who heard the disturbance said they yelled they were going to call the cops and said they hadn’t heard anything since.

A man was spotted flailing around, spinning and stumbling in a store parking lot.

Someone was suspicious of a white SUV that reportedly came to a stop and two people got out, looked at the vehicle, and then circled the block.

A welfare check was requested by a woman after she received “weird calls” from a sibling who had allegedly been having issues with their partner.

An unusual amount of traffic was reported at a location where people were coming and going from two vehicles parked behind a building.

Officers were advised of a dumpster fire in the back of a building.

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