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Law roundup: Revamping Congress not dispatcher's wheelhouse

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 30, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman allegedly called 911 and yelled at dispatchers to “revamp Congress,” when the line disconnected. She called right back and was advised dispatchers had no authority to solve that type of “emergency.” She hung up.

Revelers were reportedly partying past 1 a.m. to the dismay of neighbors. One of the neighbors Kalispell Police Department to address the ongoing issue when the partiers refused to quiet down when asked.

A man was heard yelling about burning down and blowing up the house.

A brazen shoplifter in her 60s allegedly unloaded items into a gray Dodge Magnum and then went back into the store.

A man was slumped over and “half in, half out” of his vehicle. He woke up and drove away.

Dispatchers heard what sounded like a man giving a lesson on an open line of a 911 hangup, however, they missed the punchline when he apparently said something amusing and people were laughing.

A man in the midst of moving out of a residence reportedly returned to find the backdoor broken, his belongings thrown around and his hunting rifle and other valuables gone.

A manager found a guest’s lockbox full of drug paraphernalia. Officers picked it up to be destroyed.

Someone wanted the person who moved a mattress and sleeping into a lean-to moved along.

A man reportedly punched his ex in the stomach and head and left with their child.

An intoxicated man, who kept talking over dispatchers and not answering their questions, was purportedly having trouble deciding whether or not he wanted to press charges against someone who broke down his door and choked him.

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