Saturday, October 23, 2021

Law roundup: Person boo-hoos man’s woo-hoos

| October 13, 2021 12:00 AM

A homeless man reportedly sat on a trailer outside of a business “just screaming” and randomly “woo-hooing” when he was joined by another person who also took part in the clamor.

A man clad in a yellow hoodie and flip-flops allegedly threw lit cigarettes at employees in a lobby. Staff kicked him out and told the Kalispell Police Department he started getting belligerent before leaving in a blue SUV.

A man reportedly swore at employees while being escorted from a store and continued swearing and yelling as he walked around the parking lot. The man’s mother apparently waited for him to settle down before she would give him a ride. Officers advised the man to “remove himself from the private property.”

A tall skinny man in blue jeans allegedly ran out of a gas station with two cases of stolen hard iced tea and got into the passenger seat of a silver vehicle.

Things were reportedly being thrown out of a swerving Dodge Ram truck being driven by a possibly intoxicated individual.

Another possibly intoxicated driver of a Jeep Compass allegedly ran a red light.

Three youths reportedly spray-painted floors.

The metal cover of a transformer box was ripped off when two cars allegedly crashed in front of a property.