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Law roundup: It’s lights out for truck driver

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 14, 2021 12:00 AM

Columbia Falls Police Department warned a man about driving with an illuminated light bar and four forward-facing lamps on his truck on Ninth Street.

A concerned mother on Nucleus Avenue reportedly told officers her son was in the men’s bathroom at a restaurant when an older man made inappropriate comments about his body. While it made him uneasy, she said there was no physical contact and was satisfied how management handled the incident. She reportedly did not want officers to investigate the situation further because she believed the man “would face more severe repercussions from the other patrons and his friends,” than from law enforcement.

A sow and two cubs allegedly charged a woman’s car on Seventh Street and then climbed a tree. The black bears were believed to be heading toward a river.

A caller on Fran Lou Park Lane complained about people yelling and playing soccer in the field behind her house and requested officers drive through the area and ask them to quiet down.

Someone on 14th Avenue had concerns about animal cruelty when they told officers there were dead chickens in a man’s coop that didn’t appear injured.

Someone allegedly threatened to break the windows out of a truck on Seventh Street West.

A woman told police her boyfriend brought her some of the items reported stolen out of her car a couple of weeks ago.

A Second Avenue resident allegedly saw an unknown woman in her backyard on a security camera and thought there was a chance she might still be there. Officers searched the yard and didn’t locate anyone.

Someone on Nucleus Avenue claimed a woman was selling meth out of a black Ford Explorer and possibly had a child with her.

A woman complained a neighbor was stacking wood against a fence on her property line and refused to move it. She wanted to know what her options were.

Officers collected a blue Nike backpack containing fishing supplies and black socks that was lying next to a garden fence. The items were marked as “found property.”

Someone wanted officers to check on three youths who reportedly were smoking and vaping on Ninth Street, due to their age.

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