Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Ghost, the friendly dog, reunited with owner

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 2, 2021 12:00 AM

Instead of being scary, a big, white dog on the loose who responded to “Ghost” turned out to be friendly to someone who found the canine. The person called the Kalispell Police Department to report the spirited dog was reunited with its owner.

Officers responded to a report of a barefoot man in a church parking lot who was sniffing dirt, using water and throwing stuff all over. He gathered his belongings and moved on.

A woman walking two dogs allegedly was hit by a vehicle. The pedestrian, who was lying on the ground, said she was OK, but one of the dogs was bleeding.

Police collected a needle found near pavilion restrooms.

A man started bleeding after his wife reportedly hit him. She was taken to jail, her vehicle towed and a dog picked up.

A man wanted officers to check on the safety and welfare of a child he believed was living under a train trestle off Rails to Trails.

A man didn’t heed a hotel employee’s final warning about making racist comments, sexually harassing staff and yelling, so the police were called and he was removed from the premises.

A man and woman were heard yelling in an apartment for more than an hour.

A black Toyota 4Runner almost got into a wreck and then nearly hit the vehicle of a driver who reported the reckless behavior to police.

A gray-green Chevy Silverado was seen swerving into oncoming traffic on the bypass.

Extra evening patrols were requested by a woman who claimed people were fooling around with a camper and trying to get the hitch off.

Neighbors were reportedly harassing and filming a woman while she smoked outside. She told officers she had a medical “weed card” and asked if they could drive through the area.

The lock to a camper was broken and the owner requested extra patrol.

A white pickup reportedly drives past a location six to 10 times a night revving its engine.

A woman allegedly “freaked out” and started hitting someone who asked her to leave a location.

A 2017 charcoal gray Ford F150 was reported stolen by a man who said he was “somewhat behind” in payments but didn’t believe it would have been repossessed.

A woman, who was reportedly told to “mind her own business” when she tried to do the neighborly thing and talk to a dog owner about barking issues, called police when the noise continued.

A Good Samaritan moved a street sign off the road after a gray Subaru Legacy hit it and drove off.

A woman reported her 2005 white Ford Ranger stolen, but she didn’t know when the alleged theft occurred.