Sunday, September 19, 2021

Letters to the editor Sept. 2

| September 2, 2021 12:00 AM

Gold Star families

A few days ago 13 military families became unsuspecting new members of a club that no one ever wants to belong to. As I watched the flag draped transfer cases of our precious military, who were killed in Afghanistan, being returned to America my heart ached for their loved ones who are now new Gold Star family members.

Being a Gold Star daughter myself, I know that as time goes by the unimaginable and abject grief will eventually be supplanted with brimming pride unending. I pray God will cradle these families in his loving embrace and help them in the difficult days to come.

Now I turn my attention to their Commander in Chief. I could not be more embarrassed for this nation and our military. And while we are at it, include in that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Sec. of Defense, Secretary of State and any and all who were part of this disastrous exit from Afghanistan. The blood of all 13 of those service members is on all of their hands.

Watching Joe Biden failing to give one final military salute as the best of this nation passed slowly in grim silence before him, was beyond pathetic. And checking your watch, Joe? Are you kidding me? Aren’t you supposed to be at least appearing to be in mourning?

To our new Gold Star families: we embrace you and we grieve with you. This nightmare would never have happened under President Trump. His withdrawal was condition based and the timeline not set in stone. You could have reversed that too, just like you have reversed all of the good accomplished under the past administration.

As a Gold Star daughter, I say shame on you Mr. Biden. God is watching, and so are we.

—Jill Williams, Kalispell

Bypass signs needed

I see from a recent report concerning future transportation in the Kalispell area that the transportation department is still concerned regarding traffic using Main Street and their desire for more of it to use the bypass.

One obvious solution I would suggest is that the signage at each end of the bypass be placed on a gantry over U.S. 93 approximately a quarter mile or so before the approach to the bypass. The lettering should be large and state that in fact it is a bypass, rather than the present tiny little sign indicating “alternate 93” which is located right on the junction of U.S. 93 and the bypass. By this time most traffic will have already passed the sign without seeing it.

I also note that signs for Kalispell, the airport and Glacier Park point traffic to continue on U.S. 93 through town.

—Mary Gabb, Kalispell

Narrow-minded hyperbole

Mr. Agather (Covid hysteria continues, Aug. 23), you’re psychic. Your straight-faced prediction the Covid virus will remain with us for months, years, and yes, perhaps even decades, is right on.

With the abundance of narrow-minded hyperbole such as yours, there is no chance the concerned and caring people of the world will ever be able to get ahead of it. To paraphrase something Einstein said, to keep doing or not doing something over and over again, expecting somehow to get a positive result is insanity.

I’d have to agree with your notion that we should do nothing to protect our children in school and in public. Society’s collective gene pool needs some cleansing anyway.

We may have lost no children locally, yet, but some little boys and girls have indeed died nationwide. In your opinion, what’s an acceptable number of these children to die before you’d think maybe we should do something after all?

— L.D. Gross, Bigfork

The lies we repeat

Today we know that prior to World War II, Germany was engaged in persecuting and killing (exterminating) Jewish people. The choice to not enter the war beside England was a political decision made by President Roosevelt (a Democrat) to “remain neutral” in the European war. It was not the bombing of England or the German genocide happening in Europe that enraged the U.S., but the bombing of our homeland at Pearl Harbor that made us finally enter the war.

We are repeating the WWII history now. Since before Sept 11, 2001, the leaders of the Muslim world have been killing civilians and non-believers with abandonment throughout the world. Today, the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan and are dictating their own fanatical rules. They kill with ruthlessness, they rape and kill women and children, they brutalize and kill non-believers, and in general they are considered international terrorists. By all measures the Taliban are the modern day German Nazi and yet no world leader is standing up and saying “Stop this.”

Now, our president is telling us to relax, don’t worry about it, we have to get our green new deal passed. For the president of the United States to ignore world history is the same as to lie about history.

Someday, when the terrorists come back to New York City or Washington, D.C., many will say, “Geez, I thought we fixed that.”

If you don’t want this to happen again, look to the political leaders, the Democrats, and send them packing, specifically Biden, Pelosi and Schumer.

—Duane Egan, Columbia Falls