Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Man calls police about vehicle squabble

| September 4, 2021 12:00 AM

A man called the Kalispell Police Department on his way to the Flathead County Department of Motor Vehicles. He said he sold a car to a customer, and then someone else “intercepted” the vehicle and tried to register it at the DMV. Police advised the caller not to “start an altercation” at the DMV. It turned out the caller was on probation for burglary and writing bad checks.

The manager at a hotel asked a woman in her 60s to leave the property because the guest apparently owed more than $1,200 to the hotel. The woman refused to go.

A man checked with the police about driving two “monster truck-style” vehicles in a parade, even though they aren’t road-legal. He was given advice and decided he’d look more into transporting the trucks.

Someone said they saw “20 teens fighting” in a park. They said the juveniles were all hitting each other with skateboards, but when officers investigated, there was “no fight” happening at the park.

A man changed his mind completely after a verbal altercation with his girlfriend in a vehicle. At first, he wouldn’t let her out of the car. When she finally got out, he “took off” and left her to walk along Second Avenue West.

A man retrieved a bag and brought it to the KPD lobby for a detective to examine.

An angry driver screamed at another vehicle, warning them he was going to “beat them up.” The victim of the harassment said he thought the other driver might have been intoxicated.

A passerby saw a man passed out in some bushes. He said he yelled at the prone man but got no response. Law enforcement was advised the man was “taking a nap.”