Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Business owner distressed over hullabaloo

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 8, 2021 12:00 AM

A business owner reportedly heard a big hullabaloo downtown and wanted the Kalispell Police Department to drive by and check it out rather than himself, implying he would incite violence if he caught anyone at his business. Nothing suspicious was found.

A woman allegedly passed out in front of a building on her mobile scooter. She was OK when officers checked on her.

A woman called police to complain about a neighbor spraying a substance on the entire length of her fence, killing all her plants.

A woman claimed her neighbors were yelling and children were crying in a house where she thought there were six kids and six adults. Her report turned out to be unfounded and officers made contact with a man and children who seemed happy.

A man reportedly trespassed on a woman’s property and she told officers he had a history of harassing her cleaning lady.

A woman with a cart was seen lying in an alley by a passerby who requested officers check on her welfare. She was OK, just resting in the shade.

A man allegedly spotted his stolen compressor covered in a black tarp and tied to the back of a vehicle.

A parent alleged their son had gone crazy and they wanted police to “see all the things he’s ruined.” They were scared and didn’t know where the son went.

A woman believed she found a minimal amount of drugs in her sister’s car and wanted to know the best way to test it or dispose of it. Her questions were answered.

A woman allegedly spent two hours walking up and down a street, looking into people’s yards when someone decided to call the police. She was moved along.

A woman’s brakes reportedly stopped working when she left work and a friend told her the lines had been cut.

Someone dropped off a chihuahua-type dog and left the area. The little dog, described as having “white scruff” on its neck and a tan body, then ran into a field on U.S. 2.

Someone living in a retirement community complained to officers they were getting ready to go to bed and more and more people kept showing up to a noisy party nearby.

A woman was locked out by her friend after getting into an argument. The women claimed there was minor physical contact but they didn’t want to pursue anything beyond separating for the night.

A woman in an RV allegedly yelled at someone about touching her dog and then hit their vehicle with her hand.

A man dressed in black, and another man wearing pink pajamas, reportedly tried to knock over objects at a store and were acting disorderly. One of the men may have also left the location “with a lot of items,” and gone behind a fast-food restaurant.