Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Cook’s extra effort goes up in flames

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 9, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone took “extra crispy” to the extreme while cooking a pizza when a small cooking fire erupted on a kitchen stove. The cooking fire was extinguished and smoldering before help arrived.

Three people were reportedly “up to no good,” by graffiti rock and an employee at a nearby nonprofit wanted them moved along, however, they couldn’t provide the Kalispell Police Department with any further reasoning of what the trio was doing specifically that was not good.

A strange man allegedly tried to look into rooms while touching himself inappropriately while taking photos of himself, according to an employee who asked him to leave, which he did.

A man was allegedly threatening people in Depot Park with what looked like a hunting knife about 8 to 10 inches long.

A neighbor was less than happy to hear the way an enraged drunk woman, screaming out on her balcony, was allegedly going to mutilate her boyfriend after learning he had a sexually transmitted disease. Officers counseled the woman, who was “less than receptive.”

A man with a red backpack allegedly stole a bicycle and threw it on the side of the road. The bicycle owner confronted the man, retrieved the bike and told officers he was wrapping up a throwing knife. The man denied stealing the bike or threatening the man. He was dropped off at another location and went on his way.

Three “trashed” vehicles were reportedly parked in the Chamber of Commerce parking lot and an employee asked that they be removed. One vehicle reportedly had a smashed-in windshield and the second had “hateful speech” written on the windshield.

Someone unsuccessfully attempted to catch a dog they described as a “teacup-type fluffy creature with brown fur” so it wouldn’t get hit.

A resident on Three Mile Drive was tired of hearing a group of three to four people walking and talking loudly behind her house. The resident thought the people were teens and said she heard their daily gabbing as if they were in her backyard, but they weren’t.

A woman was cleaning when she heard a commotion outside and saw six to seven people fighting. A woman alleged her fiance, who had a black eye and blood on his shorts, was defending her daughter during the fight. The group broke up and went inside their residences.

Winston, a border collie mix, was purportedly on the loose again and was detained by someone in a building for animal control to pick up.

A property owner reported damage to lights and landscaping around a business.

A man previously asked to leave an apartment building reportedly returned. Officers moved him along.

A passerby mistook sleeping dogs for dead animals and called police, saying they were lined up in front of an open vehicle door and they didn’t see anyone around.

A woman allegedly harassed a bail bonds employee by calling and texting for the last six months.

Someone claimed a man was using a hammer to break windows out of a camper.

Officers advised people hanging out under Ashley Creek Bridge on Rails to Trails to move along.

A man claimed neighbors were yelling at each other, saying to go outside and “settle it,” but stopped when he called the police. Other people in the neighborhood said no yelling occurred.

Someone complained that multiple vehicles were speeding up and down Fourth Avenue West and was concerned about children who play in the area.

A neighbor who heard a big bang was concerned that a man in the apartment above her fell and when she went to see if he was OK, no one answered the door.

A vehicle reportedly rear-ended another in a drive-thru and proceeded to get food.

A man sitting on a picnic bench in Woodland Park was reportedly screaming profanities. The man, who had a mental-health condition, was counseled by officers.

Someone thought they heard a man yell he was going to kill a woman during an argument. Officers spoke with the woman who reportedly said the argument was verbal only and was over finances. She was told to advise the man about his warrants.

A man was allegedly camping in a van parked in an alley between Sixth and Seventh avenues east.