Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Woman reluctantly decides to call husband

Daily Inter Lake | September 10, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman was “screaming and swearing at dispatch to call her husband.” She stopped responding when the dispatcher asked why she was calling. Then she said she would try to get a hold of her husband on her own.

A Columbia Falls woman was having problems with a neighbor taking her parking space in a shared driveway, but she refused to provide her last name. She was given the phone number for Justice Court in Kalispell.

A man went to the Columbia Falls Police Department lobby because he allegedly had “suspicious information.” He was given a form to fill out.

Someone called the police on a person claiming to be a Census worker.

A series of illegal revelations came to light after a driver failed to stop for a stop sign. He was pulled over and then got in more trouble because his license was suspended. Then the owner of the vehicle showed up to drive the car home, and it turned out his registration wasn’t up to date.

A man speeding through Columbia Falls called the police to let them know he was going over the speed limit because he was rushing his son to North Valley Hospital. He was informed “he could not break traffic laws,” but he declined an offer for an ambulance and hung up.

Three juveniles were told not to use city property as a skate jump.

A portable toilet caught on fire near a park.

A woman wanted law enforcement to be aware that a man was staying at a Second Avenue residence and she “heard he was a felon.”

A man drove into a pole in a parking lot and then acted uncooperatively when law enforcement responded to the incident. He apparently refused to open the door.