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Law roundup: Salesmen won't take no for an answer

| September 11, 2021 12:00 AM

Two persistent men were reported to the Columbia Falls Police Department after they showed up at a woman’s door and tried to enter the house to give her a “free estimate.” The woman said “they would not take no for an answer,” so she “closed the door in their face.” They confirmed to the police that they worked for a Missoula company, but they were nonetheless instructed to move along.

Someone called about a trailer parked across their street for two weeks. They were informed the police were busy, but an officer would attempt to contact the trailer owner later on.

Four high school students allegedly got into a fight before they went their separate ways throughout Columbia Falls.

“Teen drivers” were reported for “speeding up and down 13th Street West.” However, the caller who reported the reckless drivers must not have thought it was an urgent matter, because they hung up when they were placed on hold.

The CFPD instituted extra patrol in a park after complaints about an off-leash dog. An officer reported: “I observed numerous dogs, all of which were on leash.”

Someone who witnessed a car accident said “people [were] getting unruly” after the incident.

A car was reported because it was allegedly parked in the middle of the road on Seventh Street East. The caller said the vehicle had “out of state plates.” When an officer investigated, however, it appeared “the vehicle [was] parked on the edge of the road, not obstructing traffic.”

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