Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Law roundup: Man says dead badger has multiple uses

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 13, 2021 12:00 AM

The Kalispell Police Department received a call about someone finding a couple of clothing items and a garbage bag that “smelled like a dead thing” and had maggots on it by some hedges. Officers made contact with a man who said he had a dead badger on a sled, which he was keeping because “it had multiple uses.” He said he would take the badger with him when he moved along later.

A store clerk allegedly found drug residue on a dollar bill.

A man reportedly rode his motorcycle on the sidewalk trying to load it in his truck and almost hit a child. Someone called officers telling them he was not a very experienced rider and they got into an argument. He left in the truck and then came back and rode the motorcycle home.

A caregiver went to one of her client’s apartments where a drunk man allegedly answered the door, yelled at her, slammed the door and punched it. He then followed her and spit on her before going back inside. She wanted to press charges.

Someone was counseled about leaving a dog in their vehicle when officers found it lying on its side, heavily panting and whining with the windows rolled up and no water. The outside temperature was 77 degrees with potential for the inside temperature to reach 116, according to an online car temperature calculator.

A man who was reportedly screaming, hollering, beating on a guardrail and looking at traffic had someone concerned he would get hit. Officers made contact with the man who was OK and said he was trying to get downtown.

A woman allegedly assaulted someone’s son-in-law then drove away in a Jeep Liberty on a suspended license. The man refused medical assistance and said he was just bruised.

A man was being loud and argumentative when an employee couldn’t issue a refund he preferred.

A woman was reportedly stabbed by her boyfriend in a parking lot.

A man allegedly drove a white van by the front and back of a house he was told to stay away from and then challenged people to fight.

Someone was concerned a driver was not a real officer when they reportedly pulled in front of them while they were merging and flashed a badge but refused to give a name or badge number.

Someone kicked a dog that reportedly tried to bite him and the owner confronted him about it and pulled out a knife.

An intoxicated man allegedly held his ex-girlfriend in a van for about an hour, punched her in the face, threw her around and threatened her with a knife.

A contractor told officers someone broke a second-story window to gain access to a house where they stole his tools.

A bald man wearing something red at a picnic table across from a walking path alongside a stream was reportedly yelling and screaming at a woman and his son who were of a particular ethnicity and threatened to kill them. She told officers she encountered him twice in a week and was taking another route home.

A barefoot man was allegedly making spears with a knife.