Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Man advised 911 dispatch isn’t tech support

| September 15, 2021 12:00 AM

A man called 911 wanting to know how to plug his phone in. He hung up after being told to call tech support.

Kalispell Police Department received a report that a shirtless, “very fidgety” man was talking to a rock. Officers made contact with the man, who said he didn’t need anything from law enforcement and left to collect his belongings.

Someone called 911 to report a vehicle for not having license plates, which they thought was very suspicious in Montana.

Three youths purportedly were using awnings as skateboard and bicycle ramps, denting them.

A man allegedly hit the window of a woman’s vehicle and began following her. She screamed to dispatchers that she was not from here and couldn’t tell where she was going. The incident reportedly was connected to a crash followed by an argument.

Someone was being harassed by a man who wanted them to be a witness in a legal matter and wanted it to stop. They called police when the man reportedly threatened they would have to “worry about him then.”

A man and a woman, who had been drinking in a casino, allegedly got into a fight with another man when they almost hit his vehicle and threatened to “kick his ass.” He reportedly backed into the drunk guy’s vehicle, who then drove away.

A woman believed someone was sleeping on a mattress in her shed because the door/lock was damaged and there were cigarette butts inside.

Someone was missing a key in the shape of a gold cat on a small carabiner.

A heavyset bald man became belligerent with store security and refused to leave the parking lot where he was attempting to sell items.

A man staying at an inn complained about parking problems after a fifth-wheel with huge pieces of wood was left in the parking lot. The guest said he had previous issues with trailers being dropped off and being plugged in outside his room.

A man slurred his words as he reported being stalked by a woman he could not describe or say where she was.

A mother allegedly hit her daughter and tried to get into her room at an inn.

A woman started crying after finding her brother in the basement apartment she rented, which was in disarray. Per the homeowner, he was allowed on the property and all parties had been given a 30-day eviction notice.

Around five vehicles down a block all had tires punctured during the night.

Staff asked officers to ban a man from a location after he yelled at them from a parked RV with a smashed top.

Someone was concerned a guy they never saw before might be casing properties because he was “looking homeless” and sitting in an alley in front of a business.