Saturday, October 16, 2021

Law roundup: Casino asks police to check on penny pinchers

| September 16, 2021 12:00 AM

An employee asked the Kalispell Police Department to walk through a casino because there were two sketchy women who kept coming and going and only playing penny machines.

A vigilant tenant texted a woman that teens with spray paint were reportedly pushing parking lot barriers. The woman told dispatchers she would like an officer to contact her if they found vandalism because the building had been “getting graffitied” on Sundays.

Two women decided happy hour couldn’t wait until they got home when they purchased a bottle of wine at a grocery store and went out to the parking lot where they mixed it with orange juice and then drank the concoction as they drove away.

A man reportedly got out of his vehicle and yelled obscenities at someone for driving too slowly and then ran a red light heading westbound on Three Mile Drive.

A woman asked officers to check on her brother’s welfare. He told police he was fine and wanted nothing to do with her.

An unsupervised child who looked 5 was sleeping in the front seat of a running vehicle.

An apartment dweller complained about a neighbor’s guest revving the engine of a truck and making skid marks in the roadway.

A man refused to leave a bar after being asked by the bartender and proceeded to yell at and threaten other patrons.

Someone was transported to the hospital for an involuntary blood test and their vehicle was released to the registered owner’s wife.

Two men in a bar were yelling about a stolen backpack and keys. One of the men, who was the alleged victim, retrieved the items and was advised he was no longer welcome there.

Bicycles locked to a vehicle rack were stolen.

A man who was difficult to understand called 911 and told dispatchers he was “in the office” and needed to go to the hospital but was unwilling to give more information. When asked if he was at the sheriff’s office he laughed, said, “No,” and then wanted information on how to get a taxi. He began pushing buttons when the line disconnected.

A receptionist asked officers to move along a slim bald man wearing two different shoes who had begun unpacking a lot of stuff in the bathroom.

Management wanted officers to move along a man who had a history of sleeping on a particular lawn where he reportedly was “making a home.” The person calling in the report said he was “not mentally well,” he had a knife, makeshift spears and there was trash all over the place.

A man went to the police department lobby to speak to an officer about getting a temporary restraining order against someone who allegedly threatened to use pepper spray and “kick his a--.”

A school employee reported a vehicle versus lawnmower accident in a parking lot.