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Law roundup: Redhead asks man to help take people

| September 20, 2021 12:00 AM

A man in his 50s with red hair and a beard allegedly approached another man to ask him if he wanted to help him “take people.” The man called the Kalispell Police Department to report the redhead who didn’t give any other specifics.

A very intoxicated man seen lying on the ground reportedly turned down a bartender’s offer to call him a cab after they closed up for the night. The man did not want help from law enforcement either.

A woman claimed a blue Ford pickup was following her and tried to hit her with his vehicle on a previous day.

A man left his car unlocked and someone reportedly went through the glove box but nothing appeared missing or damaged.

Montana Highway Patrol requested Kalispell Police Department check for a semi pulling large farm equipment because they needed to talk to the driver about an illegal right-hand turn that allegedly caused a motor vehicle accident in Evergreen.

Unattached camp trailers reportedly sat at a location for weeks.

A broken water main was shooting up gravel and water next to a large electrical box.

An employee requested officers move along a man with long curly hair seen standing in the alley behind a location because he was allegedly scaring residents.

A white car containing a dog had reportedly been parked near garbage cans for two days and someone claimed they didn’t see the dog let out once.

A white truck allegedly followed someone and would pull over when they stopped. They were advised to drive to the police department, which they started to do, and the truck separated from them.

A parent claimed a man with a gray goatee and braces on his forearms was standing in the corner of their yard and then tried to use the doorknob to their house to get inside and pet their dog. The parent was concerned because his children were walking home from school. No one matching the description was located.

A white Dodge Dakota reportedly blew through a stop sign while speeding.

A gray van parked on the street had its windows blocked by blankets, which concerned someone who thought they might be trying to camp for the night.

A woman’s boyfriend allegedly went on a “bender” after getting out of the intensive care unit and was screaming and yelling at her and her child and she wanted police assistance in getting him to leave.

Someone asked officers to check on the welfare of a teenage hitchhiker they picked up on the bypass and dropped off at a bike path. They said he was on a skateboard and was trying to get to Lakeside. Officers made contact with the skateboarder who was OK.