Sunday, October 17, 2021

Law roundup: Bible belter annoys park guests

| September 24, 2021 12:00 AM

Kalispell Parks and Recreation received a complaint about a man “screaming in the park.” The man told the Kalispell Police Department he was “just reading his Bible and singing loudly.”

A man thought his vehicle might have been stolen, even though there wasn’t any gas in the tank. The key fob was left in the vehicle, but the man tried to report the supposed theft while he was “out on the lake,” so he had to postpone his report.

Someone called because a red convertible was parked in a handicap spot without the appropriate signage. The caller was given the non-emergent line to report the transgression.

A man allegedly threw a bike in a ditch. Someone who watched him thought the bike might have been stolen.

A balding man with a graying beard dug up 10 headstones in a field, according to a caller.

A group that was headed to paint a rock wanted law enforcement to be notified of their plans. According to a dispatcher, “the subjects [were] fine to be there.”

A customer who must have spent a long time at a gas station said a camper “had been parked at the location all day.”

Someone called because a truck was “plugging up” a parking lot. It turned out the truck had broken down and the driver was waiting for a tow.

A homeowner reported there was a cat in a yard and “something [was] wrong with it.” The caller said they “would like advice on what to do for it.”

A woman’s intoxicated son was “banging on the doors” and yelling at her after she evicted him.