Sunday, October 17, 2021

Law roundup: Parents angry after teen pulls down pants

| September 27, 2021 12:00 AM

A flustered woman called Kalispell Police Department because she thought a “major fight” was going to happen after a teen, out walking a dog with his father in a parking lot, allegedly pulled his pants down in front of her children and screaming ensued. She claimed the father had previous interactions with police and tried to fight the last time they were at the location. Parties were separated.

A man, who was taking his wife to work, called the Kalispell Police Department after seeing what he thought was dried blood splattered on the front door at the location. To officers, the substance appeared to be a red beverage.

An employee reported there were 10 checks against a customer’s account for more than $40,000 payable to seven different people.

A front desk employee wanted a woman kicked off the property when she reportedly went to the tennis courts and started screaming obscenities and racial slurs. The employee said this was the second time she acted out. The employee changed their mind when she went to her room as long as she quieted down.

A woman allegedly advised officers she kicked out a woman for yelling, screaming and singing very loudly and described her as possibly wearing a Christmas knit sweater and backpack with pink stripes.

Possibly the same woman was later spotted pacing and yelling racial slurs at the entrance of Legends Stadium and someone wanted to pursue disorderly charges.

A front desk employee called officers asking a customer be removed after a woman in the lobby alleged an argument with her boyfriend, turned physical when he choked, bit and scratched her and threw a lighter at her. The man had reportedly been picked up by his mother in a black van or SUV.

A woman gave her phone number to a man on an online dating site and he reportedly wouldn’t stop calling or harassing her. She wanted to provide officers with the phone number, which she blocked, and his name. She was counseled on submitting a complaint to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

A man allegedly saw a neighbor chasing and trying to kick a dog in their yard.

A man was reportedly worried that a toddler walking around unattended under a bridge off the bypass would walk into traffic.

A manager asked officers to move along a group of “kids” hanging out in five cars at the north end of a parking lot.

A Makita brand impact drill and battery were allegedly stolen out of a parked man lift.

A traffic hazard in the form of a large horse “that could total a car” was reported 14 miles east of River Road. The driver who allegedly almost hit the horse told Columbia Falls Police Department there were also several horses on the side of the road.

A teen asked officers to accompany her and her brother into their house after they returned home from a walk to find the back door open.

A welfare check was requested for a man who was allegedly talking really fast and walking back and forth on Second Avenue and scaring a woman and her elderly neighbor. She told officers he eventually went back into the “crack house” down from the police department station.